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Develop your creativity

To streamline your home design and stay

within your budget, you have to master several basics

  • There’s information overload online
  • What you’ve tried is not working
  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • You’re not inspired to go it alone
  • Interior decorators don’t align with your budget
  • You don’t feel you’re creative enough

In as little as 20 minutes a day you will:

– Learn step-by-step DIY techniques in our online creative group

– Gain the confidence to plan and make DIY projects for your home – including Live craft sessions

– Understand how to make your home into your haven while refining your decorating style

– All while developing your creativity. I’ve seen creativity grow when women gather time over time

6 Reasons for Creating The Group

1. An online community to develop creativity ~ creativity grows when women gather!

2. Convenient ~ learn at your own pace & time

3. There is tons of content online, but it’s confusing & unorganized – we go bit by bit

5. Creativity grows when women gather; One great idea sparks another idea and so on, and on and… 

5. Because everyone deserves a home they love 

6. My reason, I love helping others. That’s why I started blogging. After years of blogging and answering hundreds of questions, it hit me. “I’m not sure if I REALLY helped!” Sometimes, a reader sends a photo of their final project. But what about all those other readers? Did my answer help them? Then I realize if I created a community of readers that connect online regularly, I’d know I helped! Dad always said, there’s not a problem that can’t be solved.

We can do this! Let’s develop your creativity together!

develop your creativity

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