Chandelier Globe Pumpkin

Making a chandelier globe pumpkin can in the middle of the night.  I think it was a nightmare!

pumpkin from chandelier globe #pumpkin #fall

It’s that time of year when anything somewhat round can be a pumpkin!

I walking around the house and in stores looking for round items to turn into pumpkins.

Anything totally different and unique.

I think I stumbled on something different and unique

Two leftover globes from the spindle chandelier I made a few months back.  I turned them into a chandelier globe pumpkin in under 3 minutes.  Plus dry time. 🙂

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How I made the nightmare 

pumpkin from chandelier globe #pumpkin #fall

Here’s my globe with cutouts from black cardstock.  I cut out two eyes and a zigzag mouth.

I used mod podge to “glue” the face inside the globe.

Then I gave the globe a frosted look with more mod podge.

Let there be light in this nightmare

pumpkin from chandelier globe #pumpkin #fall

One of my chunky votive candles inside and a pine cone for the stem…viola!  

Did I go too far with the chandelier globe pumpkin?  I’m heading for my scrap and leftover pile again!

Here are my other latest pumpkins.  Scrap Pumpkins and Framed Pumpkins.

This cute pumpkin is my personal favorite 


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  1. Andi Cacciore says:

    Lately I’ve been thinking, what is it with this repurposing of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING into PUMPKINS during the fall season??!! It’s like a virus infecting us with a creative obsession to make a pumpkin that has never been tried before and the symptoms don’t go away until sometime in November! I too am imagining everything I see as a potential Pumpkin creation, and in fact have now made 4 “junk” pumpkins from reading your inspiring posts – and I don’t even have a blog or a place to put them in my tiny home. It does make me SO happy though. That must be the reason – eating pumpkins is healthy for our bodies and making pumpkins is good for our mental health – who would’ve guessed?!
    Your jack-o-globe-lantern is so clever! Keep up the inspiring creations, our sanity depends on it 😉

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