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Black Chalkboard Sails are making today a special day.  Why?

It’s Project Challenge day!

That’s when a creative collection of home DIY bloggers design projects made with the same material.  This month the material is…

chalkboard paint!

If you got chalkboard paint laying around needed a project, click on over for some ideas.

Black Chalkboard Sails

Chalk Project Challenge

Along the bottom of this post are more ideas for using chalkboard paint.  Make sure to check them out with me.

Chalkboard paint is much like chalk based paint.  It covers almost any surface from glass to fabric.  It’s easy to paint with and has a matte finish.

I was inspired by the Stars series “Black Sails” for this project.  I liked the first season, got lost in the second season, and the third season…they killed my favorite character!  If I watch season four it will be only for the sets and scenery.  The sets are stunning.  Old weather shutters, chandeliers and wood beams are worth watching.  It is for adult viewing.

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Black Chalkboard Sails Supplies | Country Design Style |

Here are the supplies I used for my project this month.  A piece of 2 by 4 board, a spindle from a vintage crib, and the drop cloth….oh, plus the chalkboard paint.

Supplies Cut and nicked | Country Design Style |

The board was cut to 13 1/2 inches for the longest side with 30-degree angles.  Notice too, I used a wood file to nick the edges.  After all, the seas are rough.  The spindle was cut to 17 inches.

Black Chalkboard Sails bit | Country Design Style |

I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but in the top center long side of the 2 by 4, I drilled a 1-inch hole 1-inch deep using a paddle bit.  I laid the spindle across the different sizes of bits to figure out which one would be a snug fit.

Black Chalkboard Sails decisions | Country Design Style |

I also grabbed two small eye hooks and headed inside with my pieces.  I didn’t use the metal rings shown.

Drop cloth Sails | Country Design Style |

I laid the well “used” drop cloth down on a clean area and used a piece of chalk to draw a triangle from the top to the edges of the board.  I then cut out the “sail.”

Black Chalkboard Sails Tattered and Torn | Country Design Style |
Black Chalkboard Sails Tattered and Torn | Country Design Style |

The sail was tossed in the washer and dryer.  Not only to clean the sail but I want frayed edges.  Frayed like the ropes and cloths in “Black Sails.”

Painting Black Chalkboard Sails | Country Design Style |

Sorry for the blurry photo.  Not enough hands!  I used a water-based chalkboard paint to paint the drop cloth sail black.  The edges are ragged and about 1/2 inch from the tattered and frayed edge.  Using painter tape would get a straight line if that was the look I wanted.

Triangle Black Chalkboard Sails | Country Design Style |

When the paint dried, I added a hole punch metal rings to each of the sail points.  I use the crop a dile tool pictured to easily insert the metal rings.

Laying two different pieces of chalk on the side, I made to bands across the sail.  Then added “C57” along the bottom.  I have no idea what “C57” stands for!!  

Black Chalkboard Sails Rigging Sails | Country Design Style |

I stuck the spindle into the top hole.  Those two eye hooks were added to each end of the sailboat.  Then I rigged up the sails with pieces of cotton twine.

Black Chalkboard Sails | Country Design Style |

The spindle was sanded lightly.  Painting would have been next, but I chose not to paint.  I glad I didn’t.  The “raw” look against the black chalkboard sails is cool!

Black Chalkboard Sails Pin | Country Design Style |

Now let’s check the other chalkboard projects.

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Love your oh so doggoned cute sailboat. So clever and very versatile for more interpretations. Every summer I like to do a lake theme in living room. Would love to make at least two or three sailboats for my shutter shelf, (our version of mantle). Also do bees for summer and maybe shells. Our living room is beachy/cottage so all themes work well. Like to make new art every year, give my 2nd. hand frames a workout. It’s amazing how a frame can be changed to accommodate what I need.
    Your sailboats are great inspiration. Happy weekend

  2. ahhhh I am so glad to see the entire picture. I couldn’t make out the entire project in the picture for the collage. Super creative, as always Tammy!!!!

  3. I don’t watch television much and never heard of “Black Sails” but you have me intrigued! I’m going to check it out and may be able to get caught up on my cable service.

    On the other hand, what a beautiful craft! When my oldest son was small, he loved boats of all sorts and this would have made this for him. It’s not just beautiful but a creative decor piece with the chalkboard paint. You’re so clever and artistic! Love it!

  4. I love this! I have a few spindles left that I didn’t use on my heart spindle art – I may have to make a couple of these! I have an event coming up this summer that is hosted right on Lake Erie – these would be the perfect addition to my array of merchandise!

    1. Jill, this would be cute using drop cloth without the fray and vintage colors to mimic grain sacks too! I’ve started making some like that too.

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