Wooden Spoon Holders Repurposed

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Wooden spoon holders are a blast to update and repurpose. How many ideas can we come up with for theses popular thrift store finds.

close up of wooden spoon holder

Sideways and backward hand towel holder.

When you find one old spoon holder, soon you will find another. This happens often. It’s a strange thrift shopper phenomenon. Of course, I wasn’t looking for another spoon holder. Still, it challenged me to turn it sideways, backward, and into something completely different. 

I seemed to have a few towel holders on this website. We’re either messy people or wash our hands often. 🙄

The spoon holder sat on a shelf in the craft room for a few months. Then one day, as I was grabbing my letter board, the spoon holder fell on my toe. It almost made the trash. 

After the throbbing stopped, I decided it was time to turn it into something. I liked the spindles. Should I take it apart? What else can I hang in the spoon holes? What if I turn it on its side? Hum. What about using it backward. I could hang it on the wall, sideways, and backward to hold towels. 

I use tons of small fingertip towels in the craft room. The current towel holder holds one, this idea will hold three!

painted black holders

I decided to paint the spoon holder with chalk-based black spray paint. Then sand to reveal the thrift store brown. 

Wooden Spoon Holders turned Towel Rack

Materials Needed:

Small spoon holder

Spray paint

Drop Cloth

Two-inch screws


5/16 drill bit

Wall anchors

  1. Use spray paint on the wood on all sides. Apply two coats letting dry between layers. 
  2. Sand lightly to add distress.  
  3. Add two D hook hangers along the top edge to hang.
  4. Drape towels over the spindles.
Hand towels hanging from spoon holder

Now this project is the most used item in the craft room. It hangs right outside the bathroom door and is perfect for grabbing and wiping hands or spilled paint. 

hanging with towels

Yes, there is spilled paint in DIY. 

paint on carpet

Yes, just after hanging towels, I spilled chalk-based paint on the wool carpet. Not just a little paint, a whole quart. And I didn’t just spill the quart of paint. I watch as I made the quart of paint flip and spin at least 3 times midair. 🤦‍♀️

By the way, never use a quart of paint to hold anything down while waiting for glue to dry.

To see another idea for wooden spoon holders check out this hippy cheeky idea.

close up of spoon holder

Here’s a sneak peek and another idea for a wooden spoon holder coming soon.

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  1. I just inherited one of these from a house my mom purchased. I told her I wanted it but didn’t know what I was going to do with it. Now I know! Thanks for the idea.

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