Thrift Benefit Lunch and Shopping


ThriftBenefitLunch&shopping FPThrift Benefit Lunch and Shopping to help sheltered animals was held in our home {cabin} on October 5.

I’m on a one woman movement to make the first Saturday of each October a national holiday, “Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals.”  The lunch and shopping was the first of three events.

The second event starts Monday, October 14 with a blog tour.  Yep!  we have a creative group of bloggers that also shopped their thrift stores or wrote about their shelter animals, or did something to help a local shelter.  Read about the Thrift Benefit Blog Tour and see the complete list of bloggers.  Follow each of the bloggers along so you don’t miss anything!

The third event is a Hometalk Tuesday Thrift Video on Tuesday October 15 {date changed from 22} at 1pm EST.  You can find the video on Google + by searching for #htthriftbenefit.  After the video airs I will add the link here.

So, I decided to invite some lovely ladies to join me for lunch and thrift shopping for the first event.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-4I bought some pastry boxes on Amazon and stenciled a houndstooth pattern across the top.

Had to have a theme!!

HTThriftBenefitEvent-7I filled each box with a yummy but simple to put together lunch.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-6I topped the lunch with a plate, houndstooth napkin, birch utensils wrapped with burlap all held together with a menu card.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-2That vanilla cream topping was simply a frozen whip topping container mixed with marshmallow cream.  Yum!

HTThriftBenefitEventI found the galoshes at a yard sale the week before for $2!  Perfect for the centerpiece!

HTThriftBenefitEventReady to eat!

This was the easiest party I’ve ever had to clean up!  Toss the wine glasses in the dishwasher and wash the drink dispensers.  That’s it! 😀

HTThriftBenefitEvent-9On to shopping!  The Humane Society of Central Arizona has the best thrift shop in town…and we have many thrift shops!!!

Take a minute and like their facebook page.  I know the puppies would love it.;)

Oh, and here’s the fb page for the Humane Society of Central Arizona!  I love this little shelter that could.  They are my charity because I know exactly where the money is spent, they do so much with so little, and it’s all about the health and happiness of each animal they serve.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-11I can imagine these chandeliers painted in a creamy white or given a rusted up look.   Fun to hang outside with battery candles in a tree too!

HTThriftBenefitEvent-10This drop leaf table is $60!  It would be right now in our home if I didn’t already have one to many drop leaf tables, argh!  The wood is perfectly rustic.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-5I bought these saw blades with the perfect amount of rust and wear.  Can you guess what I’ll be doing with them?  Not sawing!  Check back on Monday to see what they become.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-12This cabinet would be awesome painted with some chalky type paint!  I would forget the TV and add shelves and use in the dining room.

Thrift Benefit Lunch & Shopping SQThe first annual Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals was a blast.

Mark your calenders for October 4, 2014 for the second annual Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals!  Most communities have thrift shops that sponsor local Humane Societies or animal rescues.  To find one in your area simply call your shelter and ask.

HTThriftBenefitEvent-8Got any ideas??

If you’re interested in making a donation to our little humane society, see the Donation information for Humane Society of Central Arizona.

Please take a moment to watch this heartwarming video “Remembering and Honoring Our Past, Present, and Future.” It features the old Humane Society, the demolition, and rebuilding of the new Humane Society. Plus beautiful photos of past and current shelter animals.

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