Easy Update Color Schemes from the 80’s & 90’s

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I’m a firm believer that if you’re happy with the colors in your home, then it’s perfect for you.  But if you’re not happy with the color scheme, change it with this easy update to color schemes.

Easy update color schemes

An easy way to update two color schemes
simply by removing one color

A simple idea to update your color scheme without spending any money.  It’s a process of elimination.  Pick one color and remove anything that is that color in the room.

Below are three samples of common outdated room color schemes.  Then samples of beautiful rooms from blogging friends in the remaining colors.  Please take a moment to click over and read their posts for more one color inspiration decorating.

Easy update color schemes square

1980’s Forest Green and Mauve

80s color scheme | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

1980’s Forest Green and Mauve

Go around the room and remove anything and everything mauve.  Leave the dark forest green.

I adore this stunning dark green master bedroom. The crisp white makes the room bright while the dark green grounds the room.   Click to read more from Little House of Four.

What if you need your mauve side table?  Paint it crisp white!

Side note; my mom did the forest green and mauve.  Shhhh, I think it’s mom’s favorite color combo.  So, her room was perfect…for her.

Shabby Chic Pink and Green

Soft shabby pink and green color scheme

Shabby Chic Pink and Green

We are pretending to remove the green this time, leaving pink.

This is Shabby Chic updated!  I love this room and the vintage touches Deb added to her daughter’s room.   Click to read the post at Seeking Lavender Lane.

Southwest Turquoise and Dusty Pink

Turquoise and dusty pink southwest color schemes

Southwest Turquoise and Dusty Pink

Living in Arizona, I’ve seen this color combo too much!  Let’s remove the pink and leave the turquoise.

When I was thinking about the idea for farmhouse turquoise room, I knew right away where to look.  Gina does turquoise better than anyone I know.    Click to read all the turquoise ideas at The Shabby Creek Cottage.


How to update color schemes

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  1. Turquoise, the bluer turquoise not the green version, is my favorite color. I use it everywhere. I use it with my “tropical” decorated rooms which is pretty typical (with my pink flamingos lol). But I am also using it with my “cabin” decorated rooms. I just mix it with navy and a bit of bright green and it creates a bright cheery room. I dont like dark colors at all, my emotions react to colors so I decorate with colors that are bright, with the darker colors being small accessories.
    P.S. Your website is one of my favorites. I am so glad I found it. And you just happen to live where I hope to retire, the Payson part! I have not been to Payson in a very long time but I love it there, its my happy place 🙂

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