Frayed Burlap Pumpkin

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If you love a frayed edge and burlap, you will love this frayed burlap pumpkin.  So easy to do and hide a bit of the orange.

So I bought a fake pumpkin at our local mass merchandiser.  It was $5 and sorta cute.

But since orange is not a favorite color, even in autumn, my favorite season, I wanted to give it a makeover.

Project Runway style!

I haven’t watched the show over the last couple of seasons, but I’m sure they’ve done burlap!  Right?

When I measured the “waist” of my pumpkin, it hit me that my little pumpkin’s waist is one inch larger than Twiggy’s was in her hay day.

Frayed Burlap Pumpkin

This FAT little pumpkin has a waist measurement of 24 inches.

I also measured from the plastic stem to the flat bottom.  It’s 10 inches.  I cut out 8 strips of burlap measuring 10 inches by 4 inches.  The extra inch on each strip I let fray.

I make this while watching Revenge on Netflix.  Should have watched an episode of Project Runway!  Then, I glued each strip the same way.  I used white craft glue.  I like Elmer’s brand.  My personal favorite glue.  It dries clear and fast.  Notice the frayed edges didn’t get any glue.

On the top and bottom ends I made a dart {tucked in pleat.}  This gathers the burlap closer around the top and bottom.

I covered the pumpkin first using 4 pieces on each “side.”  Then filled in with the other four making sure to not glue the frayed edges down.

Now I had glue and pieces of burlap up to my elbows!!

Do you enjoy adding burlap to your fall decorating? Here's an easy autumn burlap pumpkin to DIY on any budget. Easy enough to make a pumpkin patch! Country Design Style

After washing off all the glue and burlap threads…I had a cute frayed burlap pumpkin!

I’m glad I didn’t paint the pumpkin first.  I’m actually liking the orange peeking through….which could be a problem on Project Runway!!  Oops!

I set the pumpkin on the potting bench I’m making for Mike.  I kind of like the raw wood….hum.

You can see my other burlap pumpkin here.  It’s not as FAT!

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