Wooden Beads DIY Garland

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Did you ever have a beaded curtain? I was obsessed with them in the ’70s. Now I love decorating with wooden beads DIY garlands.

Now I’m obsessing over the latest farmhouse style of beads. A small strand of wooden beads with a tassel on the end, to add extra detail to your decor.

I’ve made longer versions that hang from the mantel.

And one made from paper clay beads and a melon baller. You know the term, “It’s in the details.” These decor strands add the detail.

Painting round beads easily

Supplies for your wooden bead DIY garland

Why I didn’t like spray painting the beads

Wood beads are smooth in the center, but along the sides, the wood tends to be rough. Spray painting brings out the roughness of the beads. It can take several coats to get good coverage. Plus several turns of the skewers.

Painting with Chalkology paste

I mixed about 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of chalkology paste with water and quickly painted the beads in soft farmhouse colors.

You can see how easy painting the beads with the paste is here on a Facebook live video.

Wood garland with twine tassel and wood leaf.

I made the tassel from twine. Here’s another live video showing how I make tassels.

This one is for fall, but I have ideas for all seasons, holidays, and events. They make cool gifts too.

Here are a few ideas to use wood decor beads them around your home.

  • Drape over frames
  • Wrap around a vase
  • Lay across a stack of books
  • Add to a wreath
  • Hang from a door or dresser knob
Close up of details added to some beads.

I used the small element of Chalk Couture transfers to add designs to some of the raw wood beads.

The brown wood beads were aged with the tea and vinegar technique.

Do you have any ideas to use your wooden bead DIY garland?

wooden bead garland on farmhouse fabrics

Wonder if we could make some to hang in the doorway?
I can hear the sound they make as you walk through. Can you?

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  1. Hi….I have not used those beaded garland but I had a long necklace I made out of beads years ago that I no longer wore. I sweep my curtains to one side and I use that as a tie back. I love it. Its neat, adds color and a little bit of who I am .

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