Workshop Series 2 – That’s not gray hair…it’s paint!

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Workshop Series 2 – That’s not gray hair…it’s paint!

You can read Workshop Series Part I what did I get into now, to get caught up.

After finally getting the workshop completely empty, the primer went on

and on,

and on.

I painted two coats of primer then two coats of Wal-mart {Iamonatightbudget} Colorplace Parchment. It’s extremely light gray.

If you find yourself with a paint brush in hand and a wall in front of you…download my room painting tips.

Workshop Series Part II

Between the coats of primer and paint I had made a hair appointment to get my hair cut off. I had been growing it for the last 2 1/2 years to donate it to Locks of Love. I chose Locks of Love because they take color treated hair. My hairdresser did find gray paint in my hair along with my natural gray. Hopefully Locks of Love takes paint treated hair as well! I donated 11″ and now my hair is short, sassy…and free of paint.

Workshop Series Part II 2

I decided {since I was on a tight budget} to use up all those little cans of stain. So I emptied all the stain into one can and stirred gently. I was excited with the results. Dark brown with red undertones…perfect!

Workshop Series Part II 3

Now that the “shell” is complete and the paint has been cut out of my hair, it’s time to get out the floor plan.

Did I mention my cute little workshop is 6′ X 8′?

And once again, here’s the list of items I want in the workshop:

Miter Saw


Drill Press

Table Saw

Table Sander

Scroll Saw

Band Saw


Variety of Hand Tools

Metal Tool Box {large on wheels}

Clamp Table

Hand Clamps

Two Work Tables

Paint storage

Wood and Molding Scraps

and a Billizion screws, nails, bolts, washers and, lions, tigers and bears, Oh My!

Just realized the photos above are a bit boring, but it’s a small shed painted creamy greyish white with galvanized top and rustic dark wood floors.  So I drew plans on the computer to jazz things up.

Below is the plan drawings {I put them together so if your print it and cut it out you can fold it up and have a tiny view of the tiny insides}.

Workshop Series Part II drawingplans

The challenge…I love the rustic floor and need the space; so naturally I would use the vertical space. But…I love the ceiling too, so can’t have too many things high and away from the walls. Plus that stingy budget is not a help.

Spent so far out of my whopping $300 budget:

Paint and Primer $60

Loving my little workshop so far…priceless!

Please check back for Workshop Series 3 or buzz, buzz…light!

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