The laughs barks and spills around autumn in our home

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Country Design Keeping.  There’s been a lot of activity around our home lately.  If you listened closely I’m sure you would have heard the laughs, barks, and spills.

I threw open the door and held a home tour on Periscope to celebrate my 100th scope.  It was my small way to thank each one of my followers.  Without each follower, I would have never made it to 100.  Thank you.

If you’re not sure just what Periscope is you can read more here.

Country Design Keeping 7

Every other Saturday I’m writing a country design keeping post to share happenings past, current and future.


So far on Periscope, there have been “LIVE” scopes with…

me on a ladder
dogs barking loudly
a failed DIY demo
a tour of my little workshop
caught in the rain
a big stain on my shirt
tripping into a chair and up the stairs
elk fighting
elk bugling
trying to share tips for using a jigsaw with the jigsaw left in another room
the house phone ringing {found out later it was my mom…and I was sharing a story at about something bad I did as a teenager}


By the way, never stick a good fork through a spray paint can!  If you do…don’t tell mom it was a “good” fork.  There’s no getting around not telling mom about the black spray paint covering the kitchen sink, cabinets, and ceiling!

Scrap wood faux mantel made with broken spindles, frames and leftover wood. Decorated for fall with burlap fire, rusty leaves, sweater pumpkin, cotton stems, chunky candle, autumn leaf art and old thrift frames |

Above the scrap wood mantel is redecorated for autumn.  The burlap fire and rusty leaves are still in place.  I added the sweater pumpkin, a chunky candle, cotton stems and autumn leaf art.



Did I hear a spray of paint?


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