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Art Blocks Beach | Country Design Style |

For those of you, that watch any of the many live videos I do you’ve seen my art blocks.  If you haven’t seen any live videos…why not?  🙂

I get many comments about the blocks that I made way back in November 1998.  How do I know I made them in November 1998?  My memory isn’t that great, but I did happen to add the date on the back of each block.

I made another set of art blocks so I can share how I made them.

You do not need to be an artist to make

Art Blocks

Art-Blocks-28-blocks | Country Design Style |

Here’re the 28 art blocks that are a backdrop to several videos.  Each one is named and numbered on the back too.  They have hung around on the walls of three different homes and on different walls inside those homes.  So far, I’ve hung them in the same order.

You can see more projects made before I started blogging here.

Here’s a list of supplies to make your own art blocks

Dropcloth {this can get messy}
A couple of plastic cups for mixing {I used yogurt cup the 12 oz size}
Blocks of wood {the first set were 5 by 7 pieces I cut from plywood, this set was scrap wood of different sizes and thickness}
Plaster of Paris or joint compound {I use Plaster of Paris only for the set above, the set below I used Plaster of Paris on 3 pieces and joint compound  on 2 pieces}
Mask {the Plaster and joint compound are very fine powder.  When mixing and sanding a mask is recommended.
Craft paints and brushes

The Messy Steps

Art-Blocks-DIY | Country Design Style |

Here are the ones I made to show the how-to.  Completely different look and style.

Plaster-of-paris-art-blocks | Country Design Style |

I ordered my Plaster of Paris through Amazon since we live in small town with a craft store. 😕  It came in a…

Art-Blocks-plasters | Country Design Style |

huge tub!!!

Art-Blocks-joint-compound | Country Design Style |

Joint compound comes in a smaller tub from our home improvement store.

Here are the steps I use to make art blocks

Making-art-blocks-using-plaster-and-joint-compound | Country Design Style |

I thought I would like using the joint compound more since it’s premixed.  Plaster of Paris has to be mixed with water.  But I liked the ability to make the mix watery or thicker with plaster.  I mixed the plaster like the tub said.  Two parts plaster to one part water.  Then make any adjustments you wish.

After seeing this photo I decided the 2 by 4 piece on the left needed to be lightly…

Plaster-of-paris-art-blocks-using-trowel | Country Design Style |

skimmed with plaster.  The next 6 blocks were covered on top and four sides just like frosting a cake.

Smoothing-Plaster-of-paris-art-blocks | Country Design Style |

To make the surface smooth, dip your finger in water and rub lightly across the plaster or joint compound.  The blocks are sandable after they’re dry.  Does make fine dust so use a mask and  “Create at your own risk.”  My disclaimer.

Art-Blocks-beach-sand| Country Design Style |

I left the surface of this one rough and lumpy.  I was thinking the look of sand as the water recedes.

Letter-transfers-Art-Blocks | Country Design Style |

When the surface dries you can even do an image transfer.

The plaster and joint compound have the same work time, 20 minutes.

Art Blocks ig4| Country Design Style |
Art Blocks | Country Design Style |

You can add more plaster after the surface dries like the sand dollar above.  I did notice the surface absorbs the moisture from the applied plaster and it will harden faster.  So work fast.

Art-Blocks-made-using-plaster | Country Design Style |

I use large yogurt containers to mix.  When it’s time to clean up you can let the mix harden in the cup and simply push it into the trash.  I remembered doing this several time when I made 28 art blocks.  Clean your trowel and other items outside.  The plaster or joint compound doesn’t seem like it would be good for your plumbing. 😕

How to make Art Blocks | Country Design Style |

I used beachy colors on the simple shapes.  You can lightly sand the paint.

Easy-to-make-Art-Blocks | Country Design Style |

If you have any additional questions please let me know in comments below.  I always happy to help.

In addition, here’s a pin to save for later!  Thanks for reading.



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