Workshop Series

Do you need a creative space?

Have an old shed or garage space?

Let’s turn it into a creative space with these resourceful ideas in the Workshop Series.

Below is an 8 part series where I took a 6 by 8 foot wooden shed and turned it into a woodworking shop.  The steps and ideas would work for any creative activities.  My budget was $300.  In the end I had enough leftover for a cup of coffee.

I’m talking about a big cup of coffee.

Inside I manage two large worktables, table saw, large tool box, planner, miter saw, drill press, hand tools, paint, plus more nails and screws than I will ever use.

In part 1 the little wood shed was emptied, painted and restained the wood flooring

Part 2 was my plan of action

Lighting and electricity was easily solved in part 3

Part 4 explains how to fit two large worktables, add storage and still have floor space

More storage ideas are in part 5…no plastic allowed

Part 6 was the hardest for me; working with cement

The most fun came in part 7 the small accessories

The ribbon cutting is part 8 and a check back to see if I accomplished all my needs and plans in part 2

WorkshopSeries1Workshop Series 2Workshop Series 3

Workshop Series 4Workshop Series 5Workshop Series 6

Workshop Series 7    Workshop Series 8

Simply click on each series to follow along.

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