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What to do when you’re going to be all alone for five days?

Yep, five days just me and the puppies!

Big plans brewed.  Finish online Christmas shopping.  Get inspiring DIY Christmas projects done.  Share a tutorial for making a large floppy bow.  Christmas decorating done…


Most things were done.

Click for inspirations and how to make a big floppy bow….

Country Design Keeping

Country Design Keeping happens every other Saturday.  It’s a time to chat and catch up on past, current and future happenings.

I have the best guy ever.  How many guys would fly 2 hours to babysit their 2 year old grandson for 5 days.  I only see a few hands up.  I wasn’t able to tag along for this trip.  Homer our 11 year old German Shepherd needs extra care from his mom.  So I stayed home to bring in the holiday.

During my time alone, I didn’t finish my online Christmas shopping but…


I did find inspiring DIY Christmas projects.   Check out this cool idea for a quick Believe in the Magic sign from super duper talented, Nancy at Artsy Chicks Rule.  It’s a great tip she did for using two boards.


Then I popped over the Petticoat JUNKtion and was smitten by Kathy’s Sparkle and Rust Tree.   It’s a must click to see her boxes of rusty treasures!

After stopping by Meegan’s from Meegan Makes and seeing this amazing olive bucket decorated for the holidays…I shopped for an olive bucket for me!! 😕  It’s a must to click over and see more of Meegan’s holiday decorating.  Love the photos in the tree.  I may have to borrow that idea.  Wonder if her family would mind their photos in our tree?? 😀

Christmas tree | Country Design Style |

I did decorate our tree…and it looks just like it did last year!!  I know as a DIY blogger I should changed up a bit.  But we like it last year….so it’s the same but with more sticks!!

Charming Unique Fireplace Makeover in One Hour | Country Design Style |

I also decorated the organ fireplace mantel in the landing area of the staircase.  You can click here to see the Periscope live video on decorating it with trees.

country-design-keeping-151212 | Country Design Style |

The front door is decorated.  I’m sharing the post on that tomorrow!  In the meantime, here’s a periscope on making large floppy bows…easy!!!  Warning!!  You can tell I’ve been alone for too long because I ramble for the first 4 1/2 minutes!!  If you wish forward to around the 4:30 mark!

I didn’t cook!

Today it’s…“Everyday will be like a Holiday!”

Mike is home! 😀

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  1. Jeanette,
    You are so fun! Thanks for the shout out. Our tree has been so fun, with all the black and white vintage photos. I LOVE your organ fireplace!! What a fabulous idea!
    I am loving your scopes and enjoying your style.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Meegan for joining and being an ambassador for all the DIY scopes. Now I need to pop over and see your snowballs. We got real snow for snowballs today…but there’re a bit cold on the hands. 🙂

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