Winter White Wonder


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Winter White Wonder Main | Country Design Style |

For my second grade school year, I got a pair of white patent leather shoes.

I love those shoes.

And broke all the rules about wearing white after labor day.

Now I’m decorating for winter…

without Christmas.

Winter White Wonder

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Winter White Wonder SQ | Country Design Style |

What color is winter white I wonder??

I googled it and it seems to be any white that’s not bright white.

But what about snow!

My DIY snowballs are bright white…and sparkly with glitter!

Winter White Wonder | Country Design Style |

I filled a galvanized tub with snowballs, rusty jingle bells, and my DIY shaggy tree.  I tucked in little horse pill sized led lights for the soft glow at night.

Yep, the snowballs don’t melt!!

Wonder if the chalkboard is winter white??

Winter White Wonder for Pinning | Country Design Style |

In a “winter white” bowl, I gathered bleached pine cones, icicle branches, and a long string of winter white pearls.

Winter White Wonder Cookies | Country Design Style |

Over a cup of hot chocolate, {from my grandfather’s old coffee mug} I wondered if white patent leather shoes would ever come back in style.

If they did…I would wear them…

Even after labor day. 😀

Winter White Wonder pin | Country Design Style |

While I ate white chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies.

Wonder if white chocolate is winter white??

How do you decorate after the Christmas decor is boxed away?

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  1. Wow!!!! Andi, I would love to see a picture of the deer made with white real pipe cleaners and chicken bones!!! You need a website. 😀 Your creative astounds me. Our winter so far has been cold. I know yours is perfect.

  2. I LOVE this!! Since I’m living with my minimalist daughter and SiL to help with my grandson, I am severely restricted to the types of decorating I get to do. I have gradually been adding seasonal decorations though, and for January I “planted” a forest of bottle brush trees of all sizes and shades, in a puddle of that bagged fake snowflakes, with two little handmade deer – out of chicken wishbones and gold wire!! My Mom made them originally with “winter white” pipe cleaners, the kind that were actually meant for pipes, and covered the wishbones with tons of silver glitter. I expected to hear an “OMG! What are BONES doing on my buffet table?!?!” But my daughter liked it and so they get to stay until I think of a special February scene. Maybe I’ll give those icicle branches a try with a few red cardinals sitting on them?
    Thank you for all of your easy and inspiring ideas Jeanette! Happy Winter!

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