Our Welcome Sign



Inspired by the past and making something for our future.

Plus hopefully helping guests find our front door!

We have a long driveway with the garage at the side of the cabin.  When anyone new stop by they whip past the sidewalk to the garage.

So I’m hoping our sign will catch their eye and help them find the sidewalk.

A cherished little sign hangs at the entry of our cabin.

The inspiration


This sign made 60 years ago, by Mike’s father hangs in our entry.  Mike’s last name is “TIE.”  His cousins generously brought it across the miles from New England to Arizona.  We decided a “welcome” sign might slow people down enough to find the sidewalk, it was our inspiration.



This project made me nervous.  I cut a pine board twice the length of the “tie” and one twice as long as the “bow.”

Then I scribbled out the shapes.  I scribbled, erased, scribbled more, erased more!


Finally, I went for it and cut out the shapes using a jigsaw and just guessing which scribbled lines to follow.

Since this will be outside along the sidewalk, I needed a weatherproof finish.  I turned to my favorite.  You can read about it here.

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I used the computer to print a flipped lettering of “welcome.”  I made each letter slightly larger than the previous.  Freezer paper in 8 1/2 by 11 inches makes the transfer of lettering easy.  Then I hand painted red over the black ink.  This would be cool on any sign so I’ve added a free download below ready to click and transfer.

The download is printed on freezer paper.  Then cut, position, and tape ink down onto the sign.  Use a craft stick to rub the lettering in place.  I used an inkjet printer with no problems, although I’ve heard some do not get results. I understand laser printers will work too.  Of course, I using the transfer to help and sorta trace over with paint!



Our welcome sign hanging next to the sidewalk.  Notice our logo painted on the middle of the bow.


Since the sign is seen from the back too!  I painted “Established USA 1910” for when Mike’s grandfather came to America.  The “Established AZ 1975” was when Mike first came to Arizona.

Our Welcome sign and free download. Country Design Style

I would love to gather all my readers up and invite everyone for lunch or just a drink on the front porch.  Watch for the sign!


Click here to download your free lettering transfer.  I already flipped the lettering for transfer for you. 🙂

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    gosh you have such interesting things and stories in your life love the “tie” sign xx

    1. Chris life is interesting!!! I do believe everyone has a story in them just like everyone has some sorta DIY in them. Hugs! Jeanette

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