Osage County

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Osage County SQThere’s a new movie called August Osage County.  I can barely wait to see it because both grandparents, maternal and paternal, lived and farmed in Osage county.  I spent as much time as I could in “the Osage.”

So far, I’m waiting to see the movie because it’s not playing in our small town yet.

My mom and I drove back to Osage county October 2012 while filming was still happening.  We didn’t see anyone famous.

August Osage CountyHere’s the front page of the Tulsa World.

This post is more about “the Osage” than the movie…since I haven’t seen it yet!

Osage County-3This was my maternal grandparents farmhouse.  It burned down several years after they moved to “town,” {Ponca City}  It was 4 rooms and I remember when they added the bathroom onto the back porch.  At the time, I missed the outhouse.  It’s was a two holer!  My cousin and I would do skits on the front porch.  Nothing was as much fun as a tractor ride with grandpa.

Osage County-2This is the barn and as long as I can remember with back was just about to fall in.  I took these picture when I was 13 years old.  I still remember that day.  Grandpa and grandma were packing up to move and I couldn’t understand why they would leave such a magical place.  The farm was 360 acres and I sure I’ve walked every bit of it.

Osage County-4This is Charlie creek that runs through the farm.  We had to drive down through the creek to get to the house.  During heavy rains we would be stuck on the farm.  I prayed for rain to come during my visits.

Osage County-2The windmill…or the swimming pool.

Osage CountyWalking down the road a quarter of a mile was my paternal grandparents farm.  The farmhouse looked just like this as far back as I can remember.  The paint long gone…

Osage County-3until my aunt and uncle fixed it up.  Sorry for the bad photo.  It was a last minute shot as we were leaving down the gravel road.  Today the farmhouse is a cute little white cottage with running water and everything!

Osage County-2Although I haven’t seen August Osage County, I don’t think our family relates to the family in the movie.  We are close, loving and respectful.

osage countyThere is a peace that comes over me in Osage county.

Where do you find peace?


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  1. Oh my gosh, Terry! We could be related!!! 🙂 I was born in Ponca City. The two farms above are between Pawhuska and Ponca. The first now has a large silo near the old entrance {the land was divided up and sold in 40 acres lots} and the second farm is a quarter mile up the road towards Burbank on the north side. My aunt and uncle and cousin live on that farm. My mom moved back to Fairfax last April after we lost dad. I have several aunts, uncles and cousins all around the area. Several aunts and uncles in Ponca, aunt in Pawhuska, cousin in Kaw city, and one in Sedan, KS. I love your website and am now following you. ~Jeanette

  2. Oh the memories you have brought back for me! I too can say that I am from Osage County! When I was 11, my Mother married her second husband in Wichita, KS and he, being a cowboy from Osage County brought us back ‘home’ to Kaw City and Shidler, Oklahoma. My third sister still lives there and works as an RN in Pawhuska. I remember going on dates to the big city, Ponca City with my high school sweetheart who became my first hubby. Our son (32) lives just over the Okla border in Kansas now and my ex In Laws still live in Grainola, OK, Osage County. What a small world this is! I still go and visit every year, my son, my sister and sometimes, even my ex’s. My now hubby and I live in his hometown of Quincy, IL.

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