How to Restyle junk fast and easy

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Do you have a pile of junk around your house? Let’s restyle junk and keep it around a little longer.

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It was a “dig a hole” weekend. Those times when you need to do a basic task like dig a hole? When I’m overcome with that feeling I paint.

The junk to restyle
This is one of my piles of trash junk. I envision plans for future projects using all them.

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My someday future plans

  • The craft room needs a bulletin board. The frame would be perfect.
  • I plan to find faux grass for the bucket.
  • The window is not junk. A dear friend gave it to us. It has layers of paint in many different colors. Not sure why I painted it army green the last time??
  • The large broken spindle made one of my first posts. What to do with a broken spindle. The spindle came from an old table a client wanted to be cut down to a coffee table height. I offered to give my client the piece of spindle! But she didn’t see a use for it. I’ve used it for 20 years around the house. Usually, it holds a candle but I like it best when it’s holding a cake!
  • The extra large scroll was the apron from our old coffee table. The apron is the board between the legs under the top.  The scroll becomes decorative elements around our home.  While painting I had another idea to use two scrolls.  I’ll share soon. 🙂

How to restyle junk with white

Painting to restyle the junk

How to restyle junk with candle

The painting day started by putting on grubby clothes and laying down a big drop cloth.

The candle is a cheap battery candle updated with drippy wax for a chunky candle look.

How to restyle junk faux grass

I have several almost empty cans of white paint. All the paint is chalk-based and one is a homemade chalk-based paint. They’re not the same colors of white either…and that’s fine.

Notice I found faux grass for my bucket!

How to restyle junk close up spindle

This time is for refreshing things up with paint.  Now is not the time to worry about a great paint job or even a good paint job. This is having fun doing a simple task.

Paint is thicker in some areas and barely there in others.

How to restyle junk on the whole fireplace

Oh, Le Bonheur means happiness.

I spend 35 minutes painting everything.

The larger can of paint was never used.  And I still had 1/3 left after combining the other cans. Cool!

Then spent 2 hours working on display the items on our mantel for pictures.

What is your hole to dig?

10 Things to do with a Broken Spindle

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