Galvanized decor for small farmhouse

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Is storage an issue for you? Problem; storage in a tiny space. Plus the added weight of weight! But I’ve found a solution in galvanized decor.

Galvanized decor for small living and easy storage

We are spending quite a bit of time in our new second-home which is about 320 square feet. it’s an RV. So not only is space and size a problem, weight is a big problem.

For fun, I’m sharing a few RV laughs we’ve had below.

I love farmhouse decor and want to add farmhouse in the RV. I kept trying to figure out what to use for trays, containers, and decor.

The favorite wooden tray…kind of heavy.

A set of vintage wooden canisters. They would be adorable in the RV. But again…heavy.

I’ve made several wooden crates and things to hold utensils, but heavy.

I’ve made lazy Susans with wood and marbles, again heavy.

How do I get farmhouse style without the heavy wood or marbles and it hit me,

Collection of galvanized decor


Galvanized decor and home goods. Perfect farmhouse style.

Many of the pieces have dual purposes.

  • A tray carries picnic supplies outside & used as a serving platter filled with sandwich makings or yummy donuts. 😀
  • The pitcher holds flowers, but I’ve learned to use it as a “garden hose.”  When the seat at the picnic table at your spot is dirty and extra scrubbing.
  • A utensil holder also holds tools.
  • Use a lazy susan to hold a variety of dips or nuts for game night.
  • The mail collecter works great to hold the paperwork for the current resort park.  They give you loads of papers…and I find myself referring to it often.  What direction is the dog park?  Is the pool open yet?  What’s the internet password?

Closeup of galvanized decor, duel purpose use and lightweight.

And most important its light weight.

So I hit one of my favorite online store, Joss & Main and started shopping. I and do the budget somethings will have to come in the future meant my shopping bag grew. But I got a great collection of ideas for tiny spaces and lightweight items.

Click on the image above to learn more about each one.

Or scroll through and shop the post.

RV Laughs (things I learned)

  1. It’s a state law to have the additional sewer connector into sewer dump.  We bought one not thinking we would need another for the other end.  :/  Thankfully RVers are as friendly as DIYers.  Someone had an extra one.
  2. Even if your sewer hoses have been used only once…you need disposable gloves.
  3. Don’t forget the frozen food.  Our first trip, I forgot the meats in the freezer at home.  We were without a car other than the RV and 10 miles outside of a small town.  It was our first hook-up and we were not about to unhook until we headed home.
  4. We have a l~o~n~g driveway with just enough bends to throw everyone off.  We warn guests and many still drive off into the rock.  Mike has to back the RV UP the driveway while I try to help guide.  I have come up with my own set of hand, arm, and leg signals.  I’m afraid the neighbors will record us and put it up on Facebook!
  5. It’s okay to sing Play that Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry at the top of your lungs while driving in the RV.

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  1. Hi Jeanette… I love galvanized everything… bc it tends to strain the budget a bit I buy things and paint them with Rustoleum silver galvanized…. it works great and looks great… we painted a room last year that had several outlet and light covers all very sad looking worn brass. So I thought it’s a Farmhouse and it was our Family room so I painted all the brass covers with the galvanized paint… they look great! I’ve tried aging metal with bathroom cleaner, vinegar, etc ends up a rusty spotted mess which I didn’t want on my Laundry room walls so yes we painted it with the paint.. it’s perfect …so happy I tried other techniques on a scrap piece… we saved a lot of time! Take Care love your tips, tricks and sense of humor Oh i could share some funny RV stories! Kim

    1. Oh I should say we painted the metal on our Laundry Room walls …not the walls 🙈

  2. I love galvanized ANYTHING!!! And it looks fabulous with white 😁 last summer I built (with the help of my electrician) some galvanized bucket lights for our pavilion. I will try to send a picture but I don’t see how to attach one here.

    I had purchased some galvanized fixtures but they were going to look like everyone else’s. That made me a little sad. The good thing that happened is they didn’t exactly work! They were too tall for one of the spots because of the beam above the electric source. So I looked for replacements for two days then pulled out the DIY in me and bought the parts and we made them. They are wonderful!

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