Unique Lighting idea using muffin tins

Do you like unique lighting? I keep waiting for oil lamps to make a comeback. My son and I would light an old oil lamp in our little duplex. You know, the duplex next to the train tracks with windows that rattled when a train went by. The oil lamp was an update to using a candle. Now that we live in a forest, we use battery candles. So, I gave a modern twist to a bunch of battery tea candles. 

muffin tins

There are times when you don’t need to overthink upcycling items. Look at the thing and think, “what else can I use this for?” It was the reflection on the metal that gave me the idea for this lighting.  

I found the muffin tins at our Humane Society Thrift Store.

thrift store muffin tins

Materials Needed:

Muffin tins

Enough battery tea lights for each muffin cup

candles in tins

Ideas to add to your muffin tin unique lighting

  1. Place a muffin liner under each candle. 
  2. Place within your centerpiece on the dining room table.
  3. Set on your nightstand for an evening glow.
  4. Hang the muffin tin in a macrame holder, then add battery candles
  5. Add water and flower heads to every other muffin cup.
  6. Fill each tin with decorative sand, then place a candle into the sand for a beach vibe.
  7. Use double-stick tape to hold the candles in the tins. Then hang the muffin pan on the wall for vertical lighting.
tin hanging on wall with candles

When you in a cabin in the middle of the woods, battery candles are the Bomb Diggity!

I made these fancy battery candles several years ago and we still use them.

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  1. Sue Patterson says:

    Wow, what a unique & clever idea that’s inexpensive too! Thanks for sharing.

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