How to make your own wreath without big bucks

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Take a look around your home right now.  See that spot that could use a little something?  Here’s a perfect idea to add a pop of color.  And it will not die!

With spring coming someday, so the weatherman says, I wanted to add color in our home. I don’t do pastels even thou I like them in friends homes. So I added greens. Greens that don’t die. And sharing how to make your own wreath without big bucks.

Make your own wreath using faux boxwood stems

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List of supplies to make your own wreath

Wreath form {mine turned out to be around 8-inches}
Wire cutters
Faux Boxwood stems
Floral tape
Hot glue gun and glue sticks or hot glue pot {my new friend}

The steps to make your own wreath

Make-your-own-wreath-sq | Country Design Style |

If you have regular, normal styrofoam wreath you can skip the next 3 steps!  We live in a small community.  Not many places to get art supplies.  Amazon in my other friend.  But when you can’t wait to make a project, you improvise.

Make-your-own-wreath-and-form | Country Design Style |

One ~ The only wreath form was this round styrofoam disk.  I used a marker to draw the inside circle.

Make-your-own-wreath-and-form-cutout | Country Design Style |

Two ~ I used an old steak knife to carefully cut out the circle.

Make-your-own-wreath-and-form-shape | Country Design Style |

Three ~ Still being careful and using that steak knife, I cut about a 45-degree angle.  This was done on the inside and outside edge on the top.  I left the bottom flat.

Make-your-own-wreath-and-form-wrapped | Country Design Style |

Four ~ Then I wrapped my “wreath frame” in floral tape.  If you have a white wreath you can wrap it in floral tape or spray paint it green.

How to use floral tape

If you haven’t used floral tape, add it to your shopping list.  It’s so handy to have around.  Floral tape is stretchy and sticks well to itself.  Scissors are not necessary, simply tear off how much you need.

  • Use it on fresh and faux greens and flowers to hold together.
  • Tape on wide vases in a criss-cross pattern to help hold flowers.
  • Use to temporary hold lightweight items while you’re trying to snap a picture.
  • Wrap frail styrofoam like I did above.

Now back to making your wreath

Make-your-own-wreath-boxwood-stems | Country Design Style |

Five ~ I’m using the same boxwood stems in the link above from Amazon.  Only 2 of the 4 stems were used in my 8 inch wreath.  Use the wire cutters to remove the individual stems from the plastic “handle.”

Make-your-own-wreath-boxwood | Country Design Style |

Six ~ The smaller stems just pop off.  Other types of greens you may need to cut the smaller stems.

Make-your-own-wreath-faux-boxwood | Country Design Style |

Seven ~ Start adding the stems going in the same direction.  The hot glue pot is the Bomb Diggity!

Take a moment and look at the image above.  Notice on the right side the stems seem shorter and snug.

Make-your-own-wreath-boxwood-stems-cut | Country Design Style |

Eight ~ That’s because when I finished the wreath was too shaggy for the look I wanted.  So I went around the wreath again and used the hedge clippers [okay, the scissors] to give it trim.  I cut almost half the stems down.  Then added the tops here and there.

Make-your-own-wreath-without-big-bucks | Country Design Style |

This is the end result.

Plus, I only used two of the four clusters from Amazon.

So, the other two clusters…

Make-your-own-wreath-leftovers | Country Design Style |

were bent into a natural bush shape…

Make-your-own-wreath-pin | Country Design Style |

and added them to the stone vase.  I spent under $11 dollars for the boxwood stems and everything else I had.  Two pops of green without big bucks.

Make-your-own-wreath-without-big-bucks-pin | Country Design Style |

Our organ mantel with pops of color, twine nests, and wood eggs.  Stuff that doesn’t die! 🙂

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