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All group of creative bloggers have combined our love of thrift shop finds with the love animals that share our journey to bring you a unique blog tour.

We shopped thrift shops that sponsor animal shelters, or wrote about the animals in our lives, or the good work of local animal shelters.

HTThriftBenefitButtonGraphicFor the next five days you will have a chance to meet new bloggers all with the same passion for DIY and animals.  I know you will enjoy the tour.

Today is day one of the Hometalk Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals.

Here is the line up for today.

Country Design Style
Deja Vue Designs
Weathered Pieces
Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza

Since I’m in today’s group, here it goes!

HTThriftBenefitEvent-9I gathered a group of friends and we shopped our local Humane Society Thrift Shop & Vintage Boutique on October 5.  I’m starting a new Holiday.  The first Saturday in October is “Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals” where everyone shops their local thrift shop that sponsors an animal shelter.

SawsOf course, I first thing I find is saw blades!  Or is it a snowman!

Thrift Shop Finds-6I dug though the wood pile and found a board the perfect size.

Thrift Shop Finds hot glueI painted the board a snowy white and then started hot gluing the saw blades to the board.

Thrift shop Finds Country Design StyleI started cutting up an old Christmas stocking to make a Santa hat.

Well…I kept hot gluing, cutting up that Christmas stocking and adding broken knobs, and other bits of metal until…

Thrift Shop Finds-7I had this!  Okay, you can stop laughing anytime now!

Hum!  I think they’re saw blades not a snowman!

But it was fun to make. 🙂

Thrift Shop FindsThis was my other thrift shop find, an office chair for $18.  It’s good and sturdy, comfy and most important the wheels roll easily.  We have hard wood floors and I don’t want to use a rug or get more scratches.  I leave the scratches for Homer to do. 😉

The arms and feet??? or is it legs??  Anyway they were lightly sanded.  Very lightly, I don’t like to sand.  Then painted with my favorite white paint.  I forgot to get many pictures.:(

Thrift Shop Finds-2Okay, I’m a moderate seamstress…very moderate.  I’m leaving the necktie looking fabric and simply covering it over with drop cloth.  Above I’m pinning drop cloth across the top of the chair and down the sides to the arms.  I actually sewed that part!

Then I fired up the glue gun again and hot glued the edges around the arms and down the sides.

Now for the seat.  I again sewed the 45 degree corners in the front of the seat, and then put the sewing machine away.

Enough of that.

The edges were hot glued to the underside of the chair, going around those arms again.  I tucked in the extra where the back meets the seat.

I cut a piece of drop cloth 7 inches by 9 feet {yes NINE feet} and heated up the iron.  I ironed pleats every 5 inches.  And then guess what???

Yep, I hot glued the pleats all around the bottom.  That was a breeze.

Thrift Shop Finds-3I decided I wanted a bit more.

Thrift Shop Finds-4Out comes a paper plate full of more white paint and a block of wood.

Our dining room chairs have black and white checkerboard cushions.  Since this chair will be in the dining room, I thought checkerboard!  Just softer white on white checkerboard.  I dipped the wood into the paint and in 10 minutes had a checkerboard effect.

Thrift shop finds office chair afterHere is where the chair will be unless I’m working and it moves over to my new “desk.”  You can read about my repurosed desk here.

Thrift Shop Finds Homer and BellaAnd finally, these two are my heart<3

Homer, our striking gentle prince, will be 9 October 24th and little Bella, who keeps everyone laughing, turned 4 July 3rd.

I can’t believe that at one time in my life I never wanted a dog.  Especially one in the house.  I have Mike to thank for helping me to open my heart to a dog.  He has given me the gifts of love, encouragement, laughter and dogs.


Hometalk Tuesday Video

If you’re interested in making a donation to our little humane society, see the Donation information for Humane Society of Central Arizona.

Please take a moment to watch this heartwarming video “Remembering and Honoring Our Past, Present, and Future.” It features our local Humane Society, the demolition, and rebuilding of the new Humane Society. Plus beautiful photos of past and current shelter animals.

Here’s the line up for the blog tour.  Take a moment each day and enjoy finding new blogs, their creativity, and their animals.

Monday, October 14

Country Design Style
Deja Vue Designs
Weathered Pieces
Dogs Don’t Eat Pizza

Tuesday, October 15

One More Time Events
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Wednesday, October 16

Lilac and Longhorns
Stow and Tell U
Meegan Makes

Thursday, October 17

Pennywise Blog
Plum Doodles
A Nest for all Seasons

Friday, October 18

My Soulful Home
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Cupcakes and Crinoline

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  1. Jeanette, Love your projects and I would like to Thank you so much for including me in the wonderful tour and all your hard work you put into it! Hugs Tammy

  2. Jeanette,
    I LOVE your snow man!! But you office chair is amazing! You are so talented. Thanks for all of your hard work for this blog tour! You rock…

    1. Meegan, I simply happy you could join us on the blog tour! Can’t wait to see what you have going on tomorrow.:)

  3. I love your edgy snowman- he’s a sharp looking dude! 🙂 Thank you, Jeanette, for heading up the tour- you have worked hard to make it easy for the rest of us!

  4. I love the snowman!!! So cool! Thank you so much for organizing this blog tour – for a cause near and dear to my heart, too. I’m so honored to be a part of the tour; thank you for including me and my rescue pups!

    1. Karen, thrifting and animals, what could be better. Do you see your creative and awesome green bench on the video?

  5. I love the snowman! I think he is super cute! Thanks for leading the blog tour, I appreciate all of your hard work!!

  6. That snowman is SO crafty, cute and rustic!!! And I love what you did with the office chair, why it doesn’t look like an office chair at all anymore, but I’m sure it still works like one! Like you, I wasn’t keen on having pets, but was talked into it, now I could never part with my cat. Your babies are so cute, and look very happy and loved. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this event which is for such an important cause. I’m so glad to be part of it all. ~ Amy

  7. Such a creative and caring project, Jeanette! So happy to be a part of this wonderful benefit you’ve put together for our furry friends!
    Cheers to you and yours, my friend!
    See you on Hometalk Hangout tomorrow 😉

  8. What fun projects! Love the chair- I wouldn’t have thought to cover it like that- and the snowman is too adorable! Great for a guy’s woodshop! Wonderful idea for a new holiday benefitting furry friends!
    Your two are precious -so cute next to each other (extra small and extra large)
    Thanks for putting this fun and cause worthy tour together!

    1. Thank you for helping out on the blog tour, Tammy! It is fun and I’m sure the animals will benefit.


    1. Julie,
      Aren’t dogs and cats wonderful? Thank you for joining us. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve on Wednesday!


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