Easy Breezy Project 2 Footstool Cover


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It’s Easy Breezy time!

Time to recover a bench in under 15 minutes.

Easy Breezy Project Osage  Easy Breezy Project 2 footstool cover

I was updating our cottage styled furniture in the cabin until…

I got tired of the dark cabin look.

So, into our cabin comes a lighter more farmhouse style.  I’m going to make this work!

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool cover-2Here’s my little footstool I made several years ago pre~blog.  It’s cute, right?

But I want something rustic.

Oh, disregard the missing beading on some areas, the footstool went through some puppy years! 🙂

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool cover-6Here’s the bottom.  I made it with four pieces of spindles from a wood thrift shop bed and a board plus…

Double ended screwfour of these “thingys!”

The double ended screws hold the spindle pieces on to the board.  Then top with foam, batting, and a cover, add trim and beaded trim and you have yourself a footstool.


But this post is not about making the footstool.  It’s about a simple and fast recover.

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool coverTo this rustic look!

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool cover-4I cut a piece of burlap to cover the top and down each side.  Need to cover those beads.

The “Osage County” is a transfer on the burlap.  I grew up in “the Osage.”  Click here to see my transfer technique. 

Notice the cottagey pattern shows through the burlap.  I started to double the burlap…but I kind of liked it so I didn’t.

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool cover-5I pulled the threads on each side to fray the burlap a bit.

Easy Breezy 2 Footstool cover-3Then used some of the threads of the burlap to “sew through the corners to gather and tied a bow!

The ties come down to just under the board to help hold the cover in place.

Easy Breezy 2That’s it Easy Breezy Project 2 footstool cover in under 15 minutes.

Here’s the first easy breezy project.

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    1. Thank you so much Terry! I need to visit your sister’s winery next time I go home. I love the Osage. Did you see the movie “August Osage County?” I did with my two sisters. Our family is not harsh like the one in the movie, but going with my sisters was a blast. We could relate to the sisters in the movie in some ways.

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