We Epoxied the Garage Floor


We Epoxied the Garage Floor…

We Epoxied the Garage Floor Country Design StyleSend help, we’re stuck!

Really we are okay.

We Epoxied the Garage Floor... Send help, we're stuck! Really we are okay.   But I had to walk the dogs for miles in these boots to get the ...

But I had to walk the dogs for miles in these boots to get the sticky off.

We actually had a great time.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-2This is what we started with…yellow!  This house was completely yellow when we moved in.  Walls, ceiling, garage, and the garage floor.  We finally repainted inside the house with 15 Shades of White paint.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-2The garage floor is the last of the yellow.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-2We had some yucky muck in the corners.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design StyleAnd these pale finished doors.  The short door is not for the dogs {but a good idea} it’s under the stairs storage.  And it’s a mess so we will not be opening that door on this adventure.

Saving it for another day, way in the future on that special day where I have nothing better to do.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design StyleWow, we’re done!  Okay I didn’t take pictures along the way.  I was afraid I’d get stuck to the camera.  Epoxy is s~t~i~c~k~y!!

We used a Rust-Oleum garage floor epoxy kit in gray with those cute paint chips.  They remind me of the 50’s!  My favorite decade.  Of course, I don’t remember the 50’s.

You will notice I darken the stain on the doors.  Mike pulled out all those weights and then restacked them again.  Okay time to fess up…that’s the most they have been moved in a while.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-6You will also notice the floor is not uniform.  I think that’s do to not mixing well enough.  The instructions stated to mix for three minutes.  But I used a square painters bucket and I think a couple more minutes would have been perfect.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-6Here’s another exciting angle from the little golf cart side.  We don’t have a golf cart, but we do find many things to store on that little golf cart side!

Another thing I would do the next time is work a bit faster.  We purchased two garage kits even though the coverage was for 2 1/2 car garage.

We Epoxied The Garage Floor Country Design Style-7One more exciting angle!  We didn’t actually use the epoxy and paint chips from the second kit, only used the floor cleaner from both kits.  The cleaner scratches the floor a bit to help with adhesion.

Now that we’re finished we kind of wish we would have used thicker epoxy and both kits.  It was hard to figure out how much and how thick to apply the mixture.  You had to use a stiff brush and then roll the epoxy with a long handled roller.  Just like a paint roller.  We would roll out about a 3 foot by 6 foot area and then toss paint chips into the air over the wet epoxy.

A tip for tossing the paint chips…okay it’s sooooo tempting to toss them on each other.  Don’t!  You would be amazed at where you get the epoxy and you don’t want paint chips glued into your hair.  Enough about where not to toss them, now how to toss them.  If you simply throw them at the floor they will not spread out as much as tossing them pretty high in the air and let the chips fall where they may!

I couldn’t resist that one! 🙂

We Epoxied Country Design Style SQOne more tip about those paint chips.  I divided the garage floor into 6 sections.  Then I filled 6 plastic cups with about the same amount of chips.  That way you don’t run outta chips halfway.  The chips do stick!!  We figured we would be living with paint chips in the house, on the front porch, in the bathtub.

We let the floor dry for four days before putting anything back into the garage.

Of course, it rained for two of the four days.

Disclaimer:  I have not received any compensation or products from any brands mention in this post.  These are simply brands or products I purchased to use in our home.

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  1. What a great job! I enjoyed reading about your garage floor redo! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.

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