Halloween, cotton stems, barn wood treatment, baby shower, books & sailboats

Readers Projects 3 main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comWhat does Halloween, cotton stems, barn wood treatment, baby shower, books, and sailboats have to do with each other?

They are all reader’s projects!

This is my favorite post to put together.


Because I get to turn over the post to you.  Readers create the projects, tell me a bit about their DIY adventure, and share their pictures.  All I do is collect the details…and admire our talented readers.

Readers Projects 3

Readers Projects 3 sq | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Are you ready to get inspired by fellow readers?

Let’s do this!

Barn Wood Technique

Readers bench

Readers table and chairs

Shana says, “My kitchen table and chairs are over 7 years old and we’re starting to look very tired. I loved you barn wood treatment, so decided to try it on the table and chairs. It was a long process and a lot of hard work but love the end result.”

Stunning!  What a great update for a tired table and chairs.  Read more about this inexpensive barn wood treatment here.

Baby Shower

baby shower

chalkboard 1

Candy’s baby shower DIY projects and chalkboard.

Welcome to the world Maddox and the world of DIY.

Cotton Stems

Cotton Stems

Candy also shares the cotton balls I made faux cotton bolls using hot glue, pine cone “leaves” and small branches from my yard. I placed my in an old vintage pitcher and love the look!

Love that pitcher!  Check out how to make cotton stems here.

Halloween Bookcase

halloween bookcase

Susan says “I wanted to send you a picture of what I had done with two of the items I purchased from you. I’m not a professional picture taker or decorator. Hope you like it. I also painted the bookcase alabaster white and distressed it.”

Susan, you did a great job on the bookcase painting, styling, and photography!  Thank you for following me and sharing.  I would love more pictures of your farmhouse.  Hint, hint.


Andi books

Andi says,  “It’s so hard to get those metal letters to be level. They’re pretty warped. I made it in about an hour. Pallet board, red chalk paint, clear spray sealer, E6000 for the letters then clamped another board on top until the glue dried. Tied some twine I had saved from something or other on the ends, then screwed it right into the wall!”

First, I love that Andi screwed the sign right into the wall.  I have done that so many times.  How many times have you?

Second, Andi is very talented.  I’ve seen many of her projects over the years.  She needs to have a website.

Third, Andi has been a reader way before Country Design Style!  Back in the days when my website was called Homa Style.  Thank you for your friendship and sharing your talents.


Kimberly M. Sailboat

This next project from Kimberly is why I love DIY!

DIY Projects can be interpreted to fit different styles and homes….and DIY projects can be made better than the bloggers!!!

Kimberly M. sailboat closeup

Kimberly says, “I just wanted to share my sailboat I made from your tutorial. I was wanting something different for my summer mantle and when I saw your sailboat I knew it would be perfect. Thank you for the great tutorial.”

I LOVE this sailboat!  Here’s a link to the tutorial to make your own sailboat!

Readers Projects 3 pin| Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

If you have a project you would like to share, just click here.

Now I’ve got to get together Monday’s DIY project.

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  1. Candy Walsh says:

    Thanks so much for including my DIY’s and thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!! You make it so easy for me to create beautiful things! Love all the talent here!

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Wow! I loved all the projects and flattered that you included my simple little sign! I want to try all of them! Jeanette, even though we’ve never met in person, and live across the country from each other, following along on your diy adventures over the years has made me feel like we’re family! Thank you for all you do 🙂

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