Decorating with White

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Do you love the white rooms on Pinterest but not sure how to begin decorating with white in your home? Here are some ideas to help you.

Decorating with white

Easy decorating

Have you thought how easy decorating for seasons and holidays would be in a white room?  Add red hearts for Valentine’s Day. a collection of orange vases for autumn and pots of green plants for spring.  Decorating done…white!

White Paint

Painting and decorating with white

Shades of white

There are many shades of white. A can of stark white paint is cold.  Tinted with green or blue and white is on the cool side. Yellows and brown warm white paint.  For years the most popular color was swiss coffee.  Different paint companies use the name swiss coffee, but the color is not the same across all paint companies.  Most swiss coffees are off-white.  Now that decorating with white is so popular other colors have taken the spotlight.  Below are my personal favorites.

China White – Benjamin Moore
Great White – Farrow & Ball
De Jour – Valspar
White Dove – Benjamin Moore
Shiplap – Magnolia {I painted the craft wall cabinet in this color and love the paint too}

Finishes of white paint

I enjoy using different finishes of the same color of white. Flat on the walls and high gloss on trim. Think about that idea on the next piece of furniture you paint!

Decorating with white

Decorating with white adding textures


Add whites to your room with different textures.  A smooth flat white desk with a silk white desk chair. Add a nubby sweater pillow and an etched milk glass pencil holder.

Add a pop of color

Decorating with white and pops of color

Include another color in pillows or lighting or art.  Easy to change the look and feel by changing the color.

Change the feel of your room

seasonal decorating with white easy

Add live green plants for a natural feel.

decorating with white and wood

Warm a white room with wood.

Decorating with white cool

Cool a white room with black.

How to do white with your  big brown leather sofa {or whatever is large in your room}

How to decorate with white

You love white rooms. You have a large brown sofa and a small budget.  Keep the sofa and buy white paint for the walls.  Then add white with the inexpensive ideas below.

  • Make a pillow from an old white sweater
  • Paint thrift store frames with a gloss spray paint. The frames will pop on flat painted walls.
  • Paint the wood furniture in the room shades of white. If you want a cool stick to cool whites. Don’t mix cools with warm whites.
  • Spray paint dried flowers with white paint. When dry add to a mason jar painted with white chalk-based paint.  Wrap and tie cotton twine around the ring.
  • Buy several frames and download these simple line drawings for a gallery wall.  See below.


Black and white line art for framing sample

Grab 8 pages of printable and frameable line branch drawings.  Frame in inexpensive 8 by 10 frames that are all the same.  Click here to get your instant download. 

decorating with white

Now to begin painting… here are my room painting tips.

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