5 Easy Nautical Decorating ideas

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Nautical decorating ideas with rope and more | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com
Did you have a diary as a teenager? One wth a lock and key that held all your deepest secrets and desires. A diary that you would just die if your little brother found it. I kept a diary and to this day the only sentence I remember writing was…

Someday I dream of a sailboat and naming her Serenity.

Wasn’t as exciting as you expected, right?

I’m drawn to salty water and the sand wrapping around my toes at the shoreline. Even though I can’t swim.

I’ can get to the other side of the pool if you give me plenty of time and don’t mind a sideways crawl stroke.

So let’s forget swimming and enjoy the love of nautical decor. Today I’m sharing ideas for quick and easy nautical decor.


 Nautical Decorating Ideas

Jane and Sonja from Sustain my Craft Habit share how to make monkey fists.  Now we know!

Amiee, the Crazy Craft Lady is painting jars, any o’ jars, with nautical colors inspired by the seas.

Sweet and creative Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage has invited Sonya from At home with the Barkers to share this stunning idea for summer coasters.

Stow and Tell U has these totally awesome fisherman jars created by the talented Amy.  Love!

And because Gina at the Shabby Creek Cottage is a dear and so creative, I had to find a nautical project of hers.  This rope mirror is so fun.  It looks like a porthole.

Nautical decorating ideas that are easy | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

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Thanks for joining me on this seaside adventure.

I’m fascinated by dysfunctional heroines in the movies that live on a boat.  The seagulls call in the distance and the boat rocks against the dock while the heroine solves the crime over too many drinks.

I could live on a boat. As long as it locks up tight, never sinks or leaves the dock.

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