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Love Sign [DIY] The O | Country Design Style |

This is embarrassing, but I’m going ahead and sharing a project I forgot to post.   A project made a couple of years ago…

that I forgot to post!

Yep, I checked and double check and…

no Love post.

Like they say, “better late than…


Love Sign [DIY]

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I realized this project wasn’t posted when I was looking through picture files.  I was looking for another picture and saw these photos.  Sorry for some of the bad photos.  I’ve gotten a bit better over the years.  What’s strange, I included the love sign in a popular post about 10 things to do with a broken spindle!

What’s strange, I included the love sign in a popular post about 10 things to do with a broken spindle!

Getting old is not for the faint of heart. <3

Love Sign [DIY] SQ | Country Design Style |

List of Supplies and Tools

A wide board {mine is 7/14 by 25 inches}
Bits of spindles and trim {notice on piece is from a broken frame}
Dish {heart shaped, round or oval}  I linked to several on Amazon, but I found mine at a local thrift store.
Wood glue my favorite!
Hammer and small nails
Needlenose pliers {saves the thumbs!}
White chalk paint or any paint in your choice of colors
Small paintbrush for spindle and trim
Miter box and saw or if you have a power miter saw.  Cutting the small spindles and trim is easy with just a miter box.  The link to the power saw is the one Mike gave me for my last birthday. 🙂
Power drill with a small bit that matches your nails.
E6000 glue for the dish
Trinkets you can tie together with twine.

Love Sign [DIY] Aging New Wood | Country Design Style |

List of supplies to age the board

{otherwise you can paint the board}

Two Mason jars with lids
One black tea bag
Piece of steel wool #0000
1 cup white vinegar
2 paint brushes

Check out this post for complete steps to age new wood.

The Steps

One ~ Age or paint the board.

Love Sign [DIY] Trims | Country Design Style |
Love Sign [DIY] | Country Design Style |
Two ~ Gather your trims and small spindles.

Three ~ Lay out the trim and spindles for “L, V, E.”  Cut to fit where needed.

Four ~ Paint the “letters.”  Click here for more on painting spindles.

Love Sign [DIY] Gluing and nailing into letters | Country Design Style |

Five ~ predrill holes in each end of the “letter” pieces.  Nail into place making sure to leave room for the “O!”

Love Sign [DIY] The O | Country Design Style |

Six ~  Glue the dish in place.  Leave your sign laying flat until the glue is dry.

Love Sign [DIY] key and necklace | Country Design Style |

Seven ~  Tie your trinkets with twine and add to your sign.  My dish has the perfect hanging place.  Otherwise, hang around the “O” or add an extra nail to hang the twine.

Love Sign [DIY] on the mantel | Country Design Style |

I have to say, I glad to finally put this post up!

Love Sign [DIY] for pinning | Country Design Style |

This sign usually sits in our guest room upstairs.  Since it’s almost Valentine’s day, it’s living on the mantel for now.

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