Wired Twine

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Wired twine is terrific! It comes in 70-foot and 673-foot rolls. But what if you only need 3 feet? Here’s how to make 3 feet of wired twine.

close up of fake fall leaves wrapped with wired twine.

Someday, we may need 678 feet string with wire inside. Until that day comes, I’ll make it.

Farmhouse decor uses a lot of burlaps, drop cloths, twines, and rusty stuff.
So, today I’m combining rusty baling wire with thick twine, but just making 3 feet.

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baling wire and twine


By the way, this is easy! I took me 5 minutes, including stopping to get the pups a treat.

Most rope, twine, and wrapped cording have three smaller threads.

  • 3 feet of twine 1/4 inch thick
  • 3 feet of baling wire
  • Couple pieces of painters tape


Open the threads bit and add the wire between and into the center.
Add a piece of tape to hold in place.

Loose bundle of twine with painters tape holding the bundle together.

My simple tip when you’re wrapping the weaving yarns or whatever; Gather into a ball or small circle to make a loose bundle. Hold together with painter’s tape.

Twisting the twine open and closing around wire.

Keep untwisting the rope, inserting the wire, and letting the threads close back over the wire.

After a couple of minutes or halfway, stop and give the dogs a treat, put something out for dinner, or answer the door.

DIY always has interruptions!

finished wired twine made into a circle for a wreath.

Take another minute, and finish, before the phone rings.

I keep extra twine and cording handy in my rustic crate.

Twine makes great pumpkin stems too.

If you’re interested in 70 feet click here.

Leaves wrapped around twine with wire to add shape.

I can now use the wired twine for a simple wreath, drape from the mantel with book page leaves or twist into fall leaves to add shape.

My first project using only 3-feet of wired twine leaves on a terrific upcycled chalkboard.

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