Solving the problem of Cookie Packaging

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You have a cookie exchange. You need cookie packaging, but not just a food storage bag. Cookie tins are now plastic. Food wrap doesn’t stick to paper plates.

Last year, I lost several cookies in the middle of the street. They jumped from my plate. At least the birds enjoyed them.  Now I’ve solved the problem of cookie packaging.

Sorry birds!

cookie packaging

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This cookie packaging idea looks great and keeps your cookies fresh.  I used food storage bags. The gallon size, but any size will work.

Basic supplies I used

  • Food storage bags with a slider lock
  • Painters tape at least one inch wide
  • Wrapping paper or a roll of craft paper
  • Glue spray
  • Scissors

gift wrap lines for cookie packaging

Don’t you love the lines they put on the back of wrapping paper now!!  Those lines are perfect for this project too!

The Basic Steps

Lay your food bag on the wrapping paper and cut about an inch larger on all four sides. Cut another the same size.  

Tape the top edge with the slider. The glue on the slider may cause it the stick.

Take your food storage bag outside and spray well with your glue spray on both sides.

Place the bag on the line side of your wrapping paper.  Remove the painter’s tape. Cover with the other piece of wrapping paper and press together well.

Let dry.

cookie packaging cut to edge

Trim the two sides and bottom edge leaving 1/4 inch of paper.  

Cookie packaging fold top edge

Fold the top edge enough to hide the slider. 

Food bags turned into cookie packaging

Open the slider and fill with your yummy cookie creations to share.

Other Ideas for your cookie packaging 

  • Use a roller cutter and ruler
  • Use decorative scissors along the edges.
  • Instead of wrapping paper use craft paper and decorate the top using crayons or markers.
  • Cut a window in the paper to make a peephole.


Cookie packaging using storage bags and craft paper

  • Use rubber stamps to decorate.
  • Set up an assembly line to make several cookie packaging bags.

Cookie packaging for gifts

  • There are tons of wrapping paper styles to match the cookie occasion.

Now, I heading out to feed the birds.

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