Scrap Pile Snowmen


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stacked-wood-snowmen | fp face

We have a construction site across the street….and I found a snowmen head!!

Our neighbors are adding a garage apartment to their home.  I adore garage apartments.  In my youth I dreamed of living in a cute little apartment above the garage of sweet elderly grandparent like landlords.  My home town in Oklahoma has many garage apartments.  When I was born my parents lived in a garage apartment with french doors between the living room and kitchen.  I’ve poured over the black and white photos with the old fashion stove and doilies on the sofa.

I never did get to live in a garage apartment, but a girl can dream! 🙂

This post is not about garage apartments, but snowmen!!

Scrap Pile Snowmen

It’s about finding a head in the scrap pile of the construction site!

stacked-wood-snowmen | fp

The construction workers made a scrap pile of…well scraps!  They planned on loading the scrap wood up and burning it or some would be dumped at the landfill.  I asked if I could go through and take any pieces for DIY projects.  They were happy to have less to deal with.  One of the first pieces I gathered you could plainly see was a snowman head!  Didn’t they see the snowman head?

stacked-wood-snowmen | 2

The 6 by 6 boards were painted a snowy white on all sides.

stacked-wood-snowmen | buttons

Then I raided the button jar for 4 large buttons.  I also grabbed wood circle disk cutouts.  The wood disks would be buttons and the buttons would be eyes.

stacked-wood-snowmen | twine

I painted the wood disk with black paint and tied on a thread of burlap.

stacked-wood-snowmen | stacked

Here’s the snowmen…undressed!!

stacked-wood-snowmen | bella

Mike snapped this picture with little Bella helping me dress the snowmen.  I do many DIY projects on the kitchen bar area.  Bella likes to watch.  So I pull up a chair so she can “help.”

stacked-wood-snowmen | sq

Dressed and warm.

Scrap pile wood from construction site is turned into a couple of snow people. Button eyes, scarves and knit caps. |

The snowmen are happier on our front porch than filling up the landfill or the air with smoke.  Don’t you think so?

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  1. They are very cute:) I imagine them talking to each other in muffled voices when no one is looking;)

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