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DIY-faux-mantel-wtih-extra-top | Country Design Style |

I’m starting to watch Fixer Upper.  I know, where have I been??

The most popular show on HGTV.  Totally a farmhouse style show.  I haven’t been watching! 😕

In fact, I stopped watching HGTV altogether for the past 10 years.

I do follow Chip and Joanna on their website.  Otherwise, I’ve been busy creating DIY projects.

Now that I’m watching, I hope they would approve of the change in furniture I’m making.

DIY-faux-mantel-display-bottom | Country Design Style |

This piece was bought at a yard sale for $20 years ago.  It was a buffet.  This piece is the middle of the buffet.  It had spindle legs.  Several of the spindles were broken.  I used the spindles to make candle holders and sold them.  This piece was sitting where the pump organ desk is now sitting.  The top was sitting on this piece.  In this location under the window, the top isn’t going to work.

DIY Faux Mantel is going through changes


DIY-faux-mantel-display | Country Design Style |

I moved the top to the scrap wood mantel.

DIY-faux-mantel-to-pin | Country Design Style |

It fit perfectly!  So, let’s pretend we are Chip and Joanna.

Should it stay on top of the DIY faux mantel?

Does the everything need repainting?

Does the top piece repaint?

The bottom board on the top piece was added.  Should I remove the board?

Should the chalkboard finally be erased?  It’s been there for months.

Here’s a slide of projects for the DIY faux mantel…in case you missed any posts.


Thank you for your input and help! 😀

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  1. I find it a bit busy, but was thinking that if you flipped it over and had the heavier top on the mantle top it would be more balanced. Maybe and another dark board across the top to match. Change the blackboard to a
    “brown” board. Possibly do some dark wax on the outer posts to make the whole thing cohesive.

    1. Rebecca, what a fun and creative thought. I might make the changes on the photo and add to the post using photo editing. Then if it looks okay, go for it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I’m leaving it as is so far. I want to figure out the paint color on the top to repaint the mantel. Repainting will be a job!

  2. HI Jeanette.
    I wouldn’t change a thing. I love it. I think the bottom board provides a nice accent.

  3. Dawn Moldenhauer says:

    I think it is Beautiful just as it is. So creative.

    1. Thanks, Dawn! The mantel always has been a great place to photograph DIY projects for the website. The top piece is heavy but I did put it up here myself. I figured I could move it for photographs if needed.

  4. Wow, you sure know how to make wood have a voice Jeanette. My first impression was WOW what a statement piece–then I found myself lost in all of the movement and ecclecticness (made up word). There are two focal point now and a lot going on. If I were working this piece I would have the incorporate the same ornate design that’s in the top piece worked into the center of original mantel. What a great piece! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Jill! I do wish now that I would have put the two pieces together as I was building the mantel. The top was hung on a wall as a “shelf” in a previous home. I may hang it again…if I find the perfect spot for a large shelf. I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. linda kelley says:

    It is beautiful, but, and only to me…seems a bit busy. But I love all your projects!

    1. Thanks, Linda, I was thinking busy too. I would like to paint the mantel the same color as the top and that might even things out some. The paint on the mantel was not exactly the color I wanted. It wasn’t until I put the two together and I realized the mantel was too yellow. Last night, thought about making another mantel using the top and just adding legs! Not sure where I would put it?? Thanks for your input.

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