My Friends Knock Off Tour

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My friends knock off tour

My knock off is from my favorite online catalog.

Ballard Designs

I’ve been knocking off their products for years.  I don’t feel too bad because I a big customer too!

Wait is that a delivery truck outside!!!

ballard design chalkboard rub whiteHere’s what I knocked off.  Ballard Design’s Beadboard Chalkboard in rubbed white.

The one about the same size as my knock-off is $89.

knock off tour #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingHere’s my beadboard chalkboard in rubbed white.

With one big bead!

 My big spent $5.

thrift shop frame #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingI had to buy a frame.  I found this one at our local Humane Society Thrift Shop.  That’s perfect because this Saturday I’m having a furniture painting demo at the Humane Society thrift shop.

This project is filling three different purposes.  A knock off for my friends knock off tour, to use as a sample at the painting demo, and as a raffle prize!

If it turns out okay!

Painting the frame

chalkie paint #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingOne of the demos will be chalky paint.

We live in a small community of about 15,000 in the mountains of Arizona.  Getting our hands on any kind of chalky paint involves at least an hour and a half drive or waiting for your online delivery.

Until recently, when Home Depot got in Americana Decor Chalky paint.  This is the paint I wanted to use for the demo.  Something readily available in our community.

Sanding with a paper towel

sand with wet paper towel #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingTwo coats and “sanding” with wet paper towel.

Wax finish

waxing #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingNext, the clear wax.  I don’t have one of those expensive round wax brushes. :/

So I grabbed a soft bristled brush and gather the bristles together.  It works fine.

waxed #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingLovely and rubbed!

The Chalkboard

MDF #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingNow for the chalkboard!  I used the glass from the frame to measure a piece of MDF {medium density fiberboard.}  MDF makes great chalkboard because the surface is smooth.  About a month ago I cleaned out my workshop and gave my little table saw to the Humane Society Thrift shop.  I try to help out not only by shopping but by donating too.  Because those animals matter.  I now use this saw.  It’s easy to use and takes less space in my little workshop!

black chalkboard paint #chalkboard #thriftydecoratingThe MDF was painted with 2 coats of black chalkboard paint.  Sanding in between.

glued in place #chalkboard #thriftydecorating I like to add a small bead of wood glue along the very edge of the chalkboard to seal it well in the frame.

The knock-off raffle prize is finished

There will be writing…

…and erasing…

….and writing!

raffle prize #chalkboard #thriftydecorating

Do you think it will make a good raffle prize?  I’ll add chalk and a chalkboard eraser I made.

If you find yourself in the middle of Arizona stop by on Saturday.  I’d love to see you!

Now while I’m making more raffle prizes, enjoy My friends knock off tour!  They are the most talented and best blogging friends I know!!!

Did you notice that this tour is #2!  Yep, our second tour.  Click here to see the knock offs from that tour.  My knock off from that tour is in a closet upstairs. :/







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  1. This came out fantastic! I would love to make one of these for my kitchen! Beautiful job 🙂

  2. Such a good knock off project AND for a good cause. What a big heart! Thanks for the tip on the glue for the frame, I always have issues trying to keep mine in the frame!

  3. I think this is a great raffle prize! I know I’d buy tickets for a chance to win. Your version of the project looks wonderful and I know that the person who wins it will be thrilled!

  4. chris aka monkey says:

    jeanette i so love what you do for the animals that can’t do for themselves..this chalkboard is gorgeous and i would buy raffle tickets to win it in a heartbeat xx

  5. Liz Thomas says:

    You could also have used the glass that came with the picture as the base for the chalkboard paint. Three coats provides full coverage!!

  6. Oh how I love a big ole framed chalkboard. This looks perfect. Great job!

    🙂 Beth

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