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Country Design Keeping https://countrydesignstyle.comHappy Saturday!

It’s raining today in Arizona!  So I thought I would sit on the front porch and write a quick Country Design Keeping post.

There’s still a ton of happenings I think you will enjoy.

Plus come “visit” and “DIY” with me “live” online tomorrow! 

What fun!

Last week

Last week there was a Two-Tone Furniture tour with my very creative blogging friends.

Fall F~I~N~A~L~L~Y happened!  Along with a fun themed Festival of Fall tour.

I took you along on my junk shopping adventure at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  It’s the largest vintage market in Arizona.

Then there was the event that almost crashed the internet!!!!   The Best of DIY link party!  This was the most creative and largest party I’ve ever participated in.

“But what now??”

Thrift Benefit Instagram Shopping #thriftbenefitWell, let me tell you!  Next Saturday is the Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals shopping event.  Myself along with a group of animal loving DIY bloggers are going shopping at our local thrift shops that sponsor an animal rescue…

…and we’re taking you with us! 

How?  Just follow along on Instagram!  If you’re not on Instagram you can sign up here.  You can follow Country Design Style here.  Plus to follow all the shopping from across the country simply type in #thriftbenefit in the search.

How fun is that??

Thrift Benefit Link Party #thriftbenefitThen check back on October 14 when this group of animal loving DIY blogger share their projects, animal stories and/or help bring awareness of the needs of sheltered animals.

Snazzy Little Things Online Workshop Graphic

Now let’s visit and DIY together live online tomorrow! 

My friend, Jeanette {yep, same name} from Snazzy Little Things has invited me to present a DIY project on the New Online DIY Workshop Learning Series.

It starts tomorrow at 1 pm {MST}

Click over to Snazzy Little Things website to register. Register as soon as possible, if you’re interested in making the project during the event along with me.  There’s a list of supplies and materials to have ready when you register.  After you’ve registered you will receive an email 15 minutes before the online event to enter and set up.  You will be registering through a website called Big Marker.  Big Marker will walk you through setting up video and audio.  The DIY Workshops are casual with opportunities to ask questions.

It’s very easy and F*R*E*E!

So what project will we be making??

Aged Burlap FP Country Design StyleThe aged burlap project I did last July.  This is my mishap project.  Some of the best ideas are from mishaps!

So…I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!!!

Are you enjoying the Country Design Keeping 3 posts?  Let me know in comments.  I enjoy getting feedback.

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