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Did you read my last post?

If you did you’ll notice this post is following the same lead.

Giving importance to something and using up the leftovers.

The leftovers in the woodpile.

Wall Hooks

I’ve come to a place in life I never thought I’d be.

My last post was about giving oomph to a lonely wire candle sconce. {click the light gray ← to read the post}

The oomph came from scrap wood from the woodpile.


While digging in the woodpile I came across these cool painted pieces.  They were aged using chalky type paint.  Click ← to see the different steps.


I bought two incredible hooks from the craft store for our dog’s leashes.  They were more than I would have spent for a hook for myself…but these were for my sweet pups!

They deserve incredible wall hooks to hang their leashes.  Even though I’ve never seen them ever hang up their leash!!!

But I’ll give them a break…they don’t have thumbs.

Do you use up the leftover wood from your projects? This wood has been use twice! Country Design Style

All I did was arrange the boards in a way I liked and glue them with wood glue.  Clamps kept things together until dry.  Then I used a keyhole drill bit to make a keyhole into the wood and added the wall hooks.



I never thought I would be in a place in life that I built things for dogs.

I love our pups.  Help with fundraising events for our local Humane Society, and have a deep passion for our animals that share our homes and the journey we are on.

This was not always the case.

Sixteen years ago I would never dream of making something for a dog that actually lived inside our house!  I grew up without dogs or cats.  My grandparents had a collie named “Queen”.  She was a sweet and fun to play with.  But still a working farm dog and lived outside.

Sixteen years ago Mike and I move together to Pismo Beach.  He wanted a dog.  I didn’t.  I was a bit afraid of dogs.  Dogs belonged outside.

Fortunately, Mike won!

We welcomed Norman into our home.  The first month I was still afraid.  Then love took over.  I can’t write about Norman yet…

tears and computers don’t mix.

Now we have Homer and Bella!  Two dogs…inside!

I want to thank Mike for bringing these wonderful animals into my life.

What can I build for you next?

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  1. Glad your husband won out!! I grew up with our dogs inside as part of our family. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the absolute most loyal and come with all the unconditional love you can handle! Even though our cocker spaniel that I rescued is my husband’s dog!!

  2. super idea here and meaningful uses of it as well – you are so skilled.. Just wondering what would it look like to paint the wood different color that compliment each other… I’ll have to try this down the road!


  3. My mom always called her pets her ‘animal children’ and they truly were her babies. Now that she’s gone, I realize she’s right, ours too have become our animal children. And they don’t talk back! Well, sometimes they bark a bit…

  4. Jeanette there is a special place in heaven for people that love animals. We have two rescued pit bulls and two rescued cats. They are the loves of my life. Our children are grown and gone – no grandchildren – but I have my babies. I also work for a Rescue Group and I will make some of these hooks. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you Patty for the work you do to help the animals. I think our children, who have left home years ago, are a bit jealous of our dogs. They too are now our children. Thank you for stopping by. Jeanette

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