Sweet Jessica Coffee Station

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Remember having wings & moving out of your parents home?  Take a moment to remember your first place while reading sweet Jessica’s coffee station.

Coffee station main Country Design Style

My niece, sweet Jessie, as Mike calls Jessica, now lives in California in her first place.  They are pulling together a home on their military salary.

coffee station

Where do you go for the best deals in furniture?  Yard sales!  That’s where Jessica found this sturdy wood cabinet for $10!

She used Behr flat white paint for the bottom.  Nothing added, just flat paint.  With all the chalk-based paints on the market, we forget that flat white paint is easy to use, dries fast, and hides imperfections.

Jessica used Miniwax red mahogany stain for the top and knobs.

coffee station


coffee station

The coffee station is done styled and ready for romantic mornings or those rushed mornings.

Matched Pieces

Jessica table before

Not only did Jessica create a stunning coffee table, but she made a matched set of furniture from yard sale finds.  This green table didn’t go with the wood cabinet but check it out now…

Jessica table painted

Painted and stained the same as the coffee station.  These mismatched pieces came together to add more character than any Pottery Barn pieces.

Jessica table styled

It doesn’t surprise me that Jessica styled the half moon console table with wedding and family photos.  The family is strong in Jessica’s heart.  April she added an incredible young man to our family when she married Kevin.  She’s the only girl with four brothers.  Family means so much to Jessica she…

sweet jessie family

had family tattooed on her foot!

These are the old boards made for their wedding centerpieces.

I would like to think Jessica took notice of the things I created over the years, but she found her way on her own.  I can’t wait to see where her wings take sweet Jessie.

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