How to use the revolutionary Mud Paint like an expert

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Mud Paint

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As a kid, I spent summers barefoot. The first couple of weeks going barefoot were tough. I’m a tenderfoot. But soon I was playing hopscotch on the hot sidewalk, cooling my toes in the refreshing red mud of Oklahoma.  Today I feel like I’m painting with that mud.

This is a part of a series of painting posts and the one I was most excited to try.  Mud Paint first appealed to me because of the name.  As a youngster, I was top chef at making mud pies.  Stirring batches of thick, thin, lumpy, grass and rock filled mud pies.  I didn’t add cow pies!  I wasn’t that kind of girl.

Mud Paint

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Now let’s get to the mud!

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I ordered mud paint in sand and stone in the pint size.  I also ordered 4 oz of manor white for another project. LINK TO OTHER PROJECT LATER.


What is Mud Paint

First, mud paint is not a chalk-based.  It is a water based acrylic paint developed by a husband and wife team.  The goal was to develop a furniture paint that would adhere well to wood, eco-friendly and easy cleanup.  Mud paint has a matte vintage look finish.  They reached their goal and made a great paint for furniture.   Also, IMHO made a paint that’s great for the beginner painter.

Chalk-based paint vs Milk paint vs Mud paint

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Mud Paint vs Acrylic paints

On next Monday I will cover acrylic paints in the painting series.  The acrylic paints are those paint we buy at our local hardware stores.  The number one difference between mud paint and most of those other paints is mud paint is made for furniture.  Have you noticed the paint brochures in your hardware store show the paint on walls?  But, they still work great on furniture.

Mud Paint Tips

I love to paint.  Rooms or furniture.  Hand me a paintbrush and I smile.  There’s something luscious about dipping a paintbrush into a new can of paint.  Watching the thick paint surround the bristles and the possibilities of the new color fill my mind’s eye.


Over the years, I’ve used paint that was hard to work with.  Too thin and drippy and not covering well.  Paint that was too old and lumpy.  You haven’t lived until you try straining old paint through cheesecloth.

I’ve given demos on painting furniture for beginners, and mud paint is an easy paint to paint with.  It’s thicker than most acrylic paints, while still going on smooth.


The prep is the same for any wood furniture paint.

  • Sand to remove any shiny finish.
  • Check for bleed through on dark furniture, especially on mahogany.  If you have bleed through, apply primer first.
  • Clean with water and vinegar or TSP.


Mud-Paint-sand | Country Design Style |

I was surprised by the coverage.  Rarely do I paint with only one coat.  I have a light hand when painting and even with my light paint touch, the sand covered well.

Mud-Paint-amount-used-for-table | Country Design Style |

This was the amount of paint left after completely covering the table!

Mud-Paint-painting-tips | Country Design Style |

I tried to take a picture while painting…that’s not easy!  The ease of this paint surprised me.  I did use my favorite type of paintbrush.

Mud-Paint-main| Country Design Style |

Even covering the trim was easy.

This paint has a soft look about the finish.  I sanded lightly between coats.


Mud-Paint-sanding | Country Design Style |

When distressing the paint you get a feel for the hardness and adherence of the paint.  Unlike chalk-based paint, a damp paper towel will not remove paint.  Sandpaper is needed.  Hand distressing is best.  Save the electric sanders for before painting.


The paint would be been fine left as is, but I wanted a wax finish for a touch of shine.  Plus adding a light coat of wax evens out the distressing areas.  Notice above the lighter color around the distress?  The wax evens this out.  I used Annie Sloan clear wax.

Mud-Paint-tips | Country Design Style |

The mud paint table is done and back in place.  I placed my DIY cotton stems on the table for now, but a cool chocolate pie would look better.  Don’t you think?

Last Monday’s paint post was Milk Paint.

Next Monday will be latex and acrylic paints.

Here are more ideas on painting furniture.

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  1. Can you blend with Mud Paint ??
    Like Ombre or blend dark to light ?
    I’ve used Dixie belle for quite awhile now but need a change
    Thanks Kerrie from Divine Designs Furniture

    1. Yes, Marion. You can use mud paint on kitchen cabinets. It’s actually stronger and thicker than chalk type paints. Always test first. But, if you follow each step, you shouldn’t have any problems. Let me know your results. Hugs. Jeanette

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