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Festival of Fall Tour

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Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorFinally!

It’s fall ya’ll!

Add…it’s the Festival of Fall Tour time.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of creative blogger friends that allow my “outta the box” DIY projects to join their beautiful fall inspirations.

Let me know if I toned down my DIY for this tour, okay?

Festival-of-fallToday is Wednesday and that means it’s the DIY part of the tour.  Please check the other days below for recipes, crafts, decor, and home tours.

DIY that means it’s my turn!

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorI grab my fall box of decor items and find these faux fake leaves.

Yuck!  These don’t deserve to be called “faux.”

I had just painted a junky pumpkin with metal paint and then added a copper mixture to let it rust.

Would this work on inexpensive silk leaves??

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorOnly one way to find out…

...try it…

The sign boards

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorWhile the leaves were “rusting” I made a simple wooden sign.  I cut 7 pieces of 1 by 3-inch boards and used leftover shims on the back to hold the boards together.

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorThis is why I love DIY!  I wanted an autumn sign to sit perfectly on our dining room hutch.  To sit right up to the knobs {which is the best part of the dining room hutch.}  I didn’t want it too short or too tall.

I’m feeling “Goldilocks” and wanted it just right!

The boards were cut to 17 1/2 inches long.

“Just right!”

Painted a ready

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorI love the knothole and made sure it was placed…

“Just right!”

Laying out the leaves and transfer

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorCheck out these “rusty” leaves!  I love them!

“Just right!”

My first plan was to decoupage the leaves onto the board.  But I’m liking the way they lay on the board.  Hum!!!

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorSo notice the little block of wood? I hot glued it to the board.  To give rise to one leaf.  Then hot glued the others.

“Just right!”

Then I used the freezer paper transfer technique to add my wording to the sign.  Freezer paper is available at Amazon in 8 1/2 by 11 sheets!  It’s a bit more expensive than rolled sheets, but cutting a piece to fit my printer is not fun or easy.

The paper rolls up my paper cutter, then around my forearm, then I get another crooked cut.  Argh!

“Not just right!”

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecor

Since I’m on this “just right” thing, I decided the sign should say “Autumn‘s Patina”

So I added apostrophe s.

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorNow it’s…

“Just right!”

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorI’m making a fall veggie stew tonight and displayed them in a rustic box for the centerpiece.

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorI will not be adding the hydrangeas to the stew.

I’ll leave the fall recipes to the experts!

Now for a “just right” fall in your home check out these fall ideas!

Never thought I would be anything like Goldilocks!

I would love for you to visit each of the other blogs who are participating with me

in the Festival of Fall, hosted by The Everyday Home blog and Barb Garrett.


Each day will be a different theme, and I am sure you will

love seeing all the great projects presented each day –

so please come back and see what’s new.

Monday: Fall Crafts

Tuesday: Fall Recipes

Wednesday: Fall DIY

Thursday: Fall Decor

Friday: Fall Home Tours


Monday- Fall Crafts


Tuesday- Fall Recipes


Wednesday- Fall DIY


Thursday- Fall Decor


Friday- Fall Home Tour


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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. Jane says

      Hi Jeannette! I’m popping in to see what you have for the Fall Festival and I love it!! It looks perfect on your hutch! I have lots of pieces of wood around here…time to put my thinking cap on!

      I’m going to nose around your blog…if you knew how “un~crafty” I am, you’d know why I need your help! 🙂

      Jane xx

    2. CD Loken says

      Your sign is BETTER than just right! What an ingenious idea you came up with to make the leaves ‘float’ on the sign! And who knew you could give faux leaves a patina! LOVE!!!

    3. chris aka monkey says

      who would have thought you could make those fake leaves look so just right love the sign and i’m coming over for veggie stew ok xx

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