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Decorating with Plates | Country Design Style |

The readers of Country Design Style are the best!

Truly, I feel you are my friend.  I would love to have you over for lunch and an afternoon in the workshop creating.

You inspire me!

This post was inspired by a reader who left a comment on Hometalk.

Decorating with Plates 

How to make a rope tree shaggy | Country Design Style |

I added the post with the rope tree on Hometalk.  The plate and frame was just something I did to add to the tree photo.   The reader liked the idea of the “framed plate.”

Hummmm.   How about several “framed plates” on the mantel.

Plates don't have to fit in frames | Country Design Style |
Decorating with Plates | Country Design Style |

So, I gathered several plates and trays along with several different sizes of empty frames.  I started with the largest frame and tray.  Notice the tray is too big for the frame.  I deal with that below.

How to Keep Plates in Place | Country Design Style |

My mantel top is a 2 by 8 board that was aged instantly, so tapping in a nail into the top isn’t a big deal.  That’s what I did to hold the plates upright.  If the mantel was not “nail worthy” I would have used Decorators Putty Quake Secure Reusable Putty Adhesive.  This stuff is great!  I used mine over Christmas, didn’t put it away, and now can’t find it! 😕  It’s probably in a box with the Christmas decorations and will not be found until Thanksgiving.  But it’s inexpensive, so I’ll order more.

Framed Plate Decorating | Country Design Style |

Here’s my collection of “framed plates” and rope tree to hide that too large tray!

Framed plates and chalkboard fireplace | Country Design Style |

The firebox area of my faux mantel is painted with chalkboard paint.  At the last minute I decided to draw something “framed plate” inspired.  I chalked in a frame first then added a floral sorta like the plate on the left.  The logs with faux snow made with melted white crayons finishes of the area.

Santas Chalky chunky butt | Country Design Style |  Chalk Fire | Country Design Style |  An Idea to Decorate a DIY Faux Fireplace | Country Design Style |

Click the images above to see more chalkboard art in the fireplace.

Bella with chalkboard fireplace | Country Design Style |

Here’s little Bella fresh from her “spa” day!  She was ill very fast {like within 15 minutes} just before the new year.  Thankfully she’s doing wonderful now.  This has nothing to do with plates in frames, I just thought I’d share her sweet picture.

Now about that lunch??

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  1. I agree your font is to small and to light very hard to read interesting projects so far

  2. Love the dishes in frames! I gotta try that….

    Let me tell you something, I think I need to go back to the eye doctor because I thought you had framed a scarf and put in the fireplace. I really did! Then I go on to read it’s chalkboard and that it is artwork, and I’m like “well, duh, Denise!” “Yer gettin’ old and yer eyesight is poop”~~*embarrassed* Well, but I gotta scarf that might look nice too….lol

    1. Lol! Denise, Mike was just saying the other day, “Your font is too small.” Guess I better figure out how to make it larger. I always say readers inspire me….a scarf in the firebox would look great and unexpected! If you try it take a picture and send it in. I would love to share with everyone. Have a great Sunday.

  3. Great idea as always! Glad Bella is doing well. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thank you Yvonne! Hope your Sunday is fab too!! I’m excited to be online with you next Saturday. It will be unique and interesting. There’s some trends I’m on board with and a few I’m personally going to leave behind. I’ll be sending an email tomorrow with more details for the webinar.

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