Wire Wreath Frame Hand-tied

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How many wire wreath frames do you have hanging in your craft area? Let’s take one down, spin some rope around it and finish at least one wreath.

Image of wire wreath frame close up the hand-tired wood sign.

This project is a way to use up scrap pieces of rope, yarn, clothesline, and any other stringy stuff. Well, except silly string. That won’t work.

This wire wreath has six sections. Not that it matters, but they might help you know how much stringy stuff you’ll need.

Cream yarn, white clothesline, white cording, twine rope.


  • Wire wreath frame
  • Varies scraps of strings {I used rope, thick yarn, cotton clothesline, and twine.}
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Directions for wire wreath frame

Close up of woven clothesline

There are four circles of wire on the wreath frame. I started with the clothesline and wove over the under the wire circles.

Closeup of rope woven on wire frame

Another area I wove the same with rope. Notice, I wasn’t concerned about the wires peeking through the frame. But if it bothers you, just add more and squish together more. 😉

closeup of cording on wire frame

Then, using more clothesline, I wove it between two wires. This leads the line up from the edge and down between two center wires.

Braided clothes line on wire wreath

Another area has a braided clothesline. I made one long braid with three pieces. Then, wrapped around the wreath.

For the yarn, I wrapped it over the end wires, then over the top of the two center wires.

three paintbrushes tied on wreath

On Facebook, I shared this on a live video. Then I had a “lightbulb going on” moment and added paintbrushes. Fun and funky wreath for the craft room.

After the live video, I had another “lightbulb going on” moment and made a little sign. Perfect!

This project is perfect for TV watching.

These are a few more TV watching DIY projects.

Stick hangers to hang your “fancy” clothes. 😉

The pumpkin that almost got toilet papered

Painting thrift store finds is always perfect to do while watching Outlander.

Now, I need more ideas for those 23 other wire wreath frames!

Let me know in the comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram if you have ideas for wreaths.

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    1. I wrapped and wove twine and cording into a wire wreath. On one section, I braided cords first. Then wrapped the braids around the wire. I do several DIY projects on Live video here >>https://www.facebook.com/CountryDesignStyle/
      I’ll make a live video to show and sharing the video on the post in the next week.

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