Wire and Button Mirror

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Wire and Button Mirror

A bit unusual.

I tried to wrap a bottle in wire.  Not easy to do…

That project will be in the projects that didn’t work out! 🙂

But the wire and button mirror project worked perfectly.

Wire and Button Mirror

The project took about 20 minutes and started with an unframed mirror.  Above things look upside down…

and from this angle you can’t see the dust on the topiaries!

Wire and Button Mirror-3

I gathered 12 large buttons.  Most were in those teensy zip lock bags.

Wire and Button Mirror-2

The wire is 26 gauge, or very fine wire.  The mirror is 18 by 24 inches.  I cut four pieces of wire 24 inches.  This will leave 3 inches to wrap around the back.  Three pieces were also cut to 30 inches.

Wire and Button Mirror-4

I started with the four short wires and threaded three buttons about 4 and a half to 5 inches apart.

Wire and Button Mirror-5

Most buttons had 4 holes but a few had 2.  That’s okay as far as I was concerned.  I will just double thread the wire.

Wire and Button Mirror-6

I then used pink “duck or duct” tape…because I’m a girl 🙂  and taped the ends of the longer wire to the back along the 18 inch side.  I taped the ends of short wire with the buttons to the 24 inch side.

I’m not sure what will happen when I want to use the mirror for a new project and remove the tape from the mirror backing.  But I might be doing a post about using “duck or duct” tape to age a mirror!

Wire and Button Mirror-7

I threaded the longer wires through the buttons.  If the button has four holes I crossed them to make an “X”.  Two holed buttons the wire was double threaded through again.

As I worked the wires through the buttons I used needle nose pliers to help with a rough placement.

I didn’t want the mirror to be perfect or the wire to be perfectly straight.

Wire and Button Mirror-8

Wrapping a mirror with wire is much easier than wrapping a bottle!

Usually I don’t like a mirror to lean on the mantel because it reflects the ugly ceiling, but with the wires and buttons, I don’t mind so much.

Wire and Button Mirror SQ

Let’s see…what else can I wrap in wire???

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