15 Shades of White

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15 Shades of White. Yes…we painted the inside of our cabin 15 shades of white.

It’s not a log cabin or extremely rustic, but it’s a cabin.  The cabins need lightening up!

My roots need a touch-up, white paint covers my nails, and my knees throb from going up and down the ladders and shoulders ache from rolling, but I’m so excited.

15 Shades of White
15 Shades of White

Flat yellow paint covered every wall, ceiling, and closets in our cabin—even the garage. I’m sick of yellow!!!

The painting went on for 18 long days. I say “we” because we hired a friend, a retired home builder, to help. Barry is one of those guys who can build a door and the house for the door to hang!

The hallway

The hallway

Picking 15 shades of white paint

We bought the paint from our local paint shop. We used Pittsburgh Paints because I like paint strips when picking colors. The two other companies used small single paint chips. The paint strips help to decide the “base” color of the whites. If you want a creamy white, look for browns, if you wish for green-based white, look for the greens. We used 37 gallons of paint! Only one color was not what I expected; Pale Smoke! Too baby blue for me. I mixed it with others to make some new whites.

Shades of white on the walls

Mike watched. I’ve seen him with a paintbrush once, and it was frightening!

The Office Wall

The Office Wall

It was fun to work with Barry and appreciate him letting me work along with him. He said, “This is the first time he worked with a girl.” Uh-ho! But, when Barry left, he said he’d call me the next time he got a painting job. I thought I would like to be a painter, but now I’m rethinking that idea.

Office and Living room walls

Office and Living Room Walls

The best way and how I did it.

I love to paint, then decorate. Maybe built a bench, sew some pillows, hang curtains, repaint a yard sale table. Then, start again in the next room. This time we painted three bedrooms, three bathrooms, powder room, office, living room, kitchen, laundry room, craft room, hallway, and three regular closets, one walk~in closet, a pantry, two and a half car garage and…

a very tall stairway

...a very tall stairwell!

That includes the ceilings, except for the living room, it is wood.

living room

Wood ceiling in the living room with log beams.

The trim in our cabin is wood and we didn’t have to paint it…whew!

Laundry room

Laundry room with beadboard wainscoting

Stopping to rehang pictures, or even push all the furniture back was not in the schedule.

West guest room

West guest room

So, that means right now I’m sitting in a house with every room destroyed except for the beautiful 15 shades of white painted walls!

east guest room

East guest room

I’m sprinkling in close~up photos of the walls to give you an idea of the different shades of white.

master bath

Master bath {love the crispness}

master bedroom accent

Master Bedroom {one wall}

I’m stretching the shade of white with the Victorian Pewter above. Personally, in my own home, I don’t do faux finishes or an accent wall, but our master bedroom called for an accent color. I chose a rich charcoal gray and love it with the wood trim.

master bedroom walls

Master Bedroom {all the other walls}

If you think about painting your rooms, you might want to download my [[Painting Room Ebook.]] It’s free and no email is required. My way of saying thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon.

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    1. We used Pittsburgh paints. It was the main brand carried by our local paint store. We wanted to shop small and local instead of big box. I did like the paint. Thanks for visiting and asking! ~Jeanette

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