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Have you started on a resolution this year?

Today I have started on mine…

and you’re part of my resolution!!

I learned from my dad that as you learn and share with someone, you learn too!

Since I’ve been doing DIY projects long before the term DIY was coined.  Actually, that’s not true.  The term DIY was coined in 1910 and became widespread in the 1950s.

I‘m not that old!

When I first started blogging I knew it had to be a DIY home decorating type of website.

That’s my passion.

In those first months, I wasn’t sure if I had enough “content.”  Within a few more weeks I realize “content” was not my problem at all.  The computer and techie stuff was my issue.  I still working through those! :/

I mean, just how do I get my hammer into the computer screen?  Does sawdust damage the keyboard?  Do I add sound to the website?  If I do, will the drill be too loud?

Can subscribers really learn by reading a step by step tutorial?



YES!  Subscribers can and do learn from reading a step by step tutorial!!  I’ve seen many results of your awesome projects made from something you learned here at Country Design Style!

I have a file cabinet full of DIY projects and tutorials to share here with you.

Plus I want to take the learning process a little deeper.

Here are my plans to help you find the DIY in you:

A new category called “Easy Sellable Projects” 

You can read more and earn some extra cash too here.

A new way for you to find a DIY project.  

Now you can find projects by the material used.  Click here to see the materials set up so far.  More to come.

A step by step tutorial format. 

Think of this as following a recipe!

Live local events.  

If you ever find yourself in the middle of AZ, I’m hosting live “Find the DIY in You” events at my favorite thrift store, Humane Society’s Resale Store.  The next one is March 28.  More details soon.

Find the DIY in You Reader Challenges.   

DIY challenges and tutorials to follow along by email.  The first is “7 days of DIY projects to bring in Spring.”

DIY Project Kits.  

Coming Spring 2015.  Don’t have time?  DIY Project Kits have most of the work done for you.  Each kit contains everything you need to make a creative DIY project with simple instructions to make creative home decor to use in your home.  The measuring and cutting are done for you.  Plus, each kit is beautifully packaged to give as gifts.  Give the give of DIY!

Monthly Themed Facebook Chats. {this might move to another format} 

I hosted a Facebook chat that was cumbersome due to having to refresh the page with each comment on both my end and subscribers.  If anyone knows of an easy chat feature, let me know in comments below.

The Design Workshop Create and Chat series.  

Read about the Create and Chats here.

Women Who Woodwork series.

This series was started on my first website Homa Style.  I will restart the series here mid-year 2015.


I appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you for following me on this DIY journey.

Let’s learn together!

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    i enjoy you and your blog because of the way you teach with humor and a gift for ‘splaining even if i have no intention of making whatever you are showing i always read it all because it is a good read keep up the good work xx

    1. Chris you are such a sweet friend! Thank you so much for following. My humor comes from my dad and I’m now starting to get comfortable adding humor. It’s not easy for me to write, English classes were lifetime ago! Humor is ready hard. But I’ll keep trying. Thanks for inspiring me! 🙂 Jeanette

  2. If I couldn’t DIY I wouldn’t have a a very nice looking home, it adds so much of your own personality, friends will walk and say this looks just like you. I thought this meant well it’s okay for you but not me. I use to be offended by this until I realized that they were taking some of my ideas to their house, and putting their own twist on it.
    Loved the post it is a great one. ((Hugs)) Jo

    1. Joanne, I use to wonder too when people would say my home fits me exactly what they really meant! When I sold home decor items, I always made things I liked. They sold well so I guess I was on the right track! 🙂 Jeanette

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