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I spend 5 years making and selling my DIY projects through local stores along the central coast of California.  I didn’t plan to ever sell anything I made.  I simply made things for our own home.  I would find something wonderful in a store and think, “I can make that.”  Instead of pay a small fortune, I would go home and make one for a few dollars.

I was a knock off-er and didn’t know it!

Then one day, Mike was riding around on his motorcycle, in full leather no less, and saw a sweet little cottage shop called Lavender.  The front lawn was filled with shabby, vintage styled home items.  The inside was small.  Mike barely had room to turn around or take off his helmet.  The store owner told me years later, she didn’t know what to expect seeing a guy walking in dressed in leather.  Mike told her, “Jeanette makes things like this.”  He then called and told me to bring some stuff over to the shop.  I loaded the truck with everything I had finished in the garage.  I was thinking, “no shop would be interested in this stuff.”

She bought everything!!

The next five years I added 5 more shops, an antique and craft space.  Plus custom projects.  Mantels were my favorite!

When I closed up my business due to moving back to Arizona, I called all the shops to see if anything needed returned.  Nothing was returned.

I still have a large binder of projects I routinely made.  Now I want to share these projects with you.  Make the projects for yourself or to sell.  My request is that you DO give Country Design Style CREDIT for any plans and/or let customers know where you found the plans.  You can read more here.

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