DIY by Material

DIY project collected by the material used to make the home DIY projects. Country Design Style

DIY by Material Used

Below is a list of DIY projects by material used for the project.

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Wood ~ Lumber from home improvement center or raw wood

Scrap wood ~ The pieces swept up in the dustpan!  Broken pieces mend stronger!

Junk ~ Projects made from the stuff people throw away.

Mason jars ~ I’m sure with the popularity of mason jars in DIY projects today, they are sold more now than back in canning days.

Chalkboard ~  Projects using chalkboard paint.

Burlap ~ Projects using itchy scratchy burlap.

Spindles ~ My personal fave item to use in DIY projects.

Ironed Vinegar ~ My fave wood aging technique.

Frames ~ I was surprised at all the thrift store frames I use in DIY projects as I was developing this list!  So, it gets it’s own category!

I hope you enjoy browsing the DIY inspiration by material used in making the projects.  Check back often because I will be adding more materials to browse.

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