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How to use a router

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How to use a router for decorative edge cutting tutorial and video. Aren’t you excited???? I am!
I’m getting a bit creative in the editing department…so Scorsese, watch out!!

Below is a photo of the router bits where you can see the different size of the little wheels. Interesting…right? I have ordered many of my router bits from Woodworker’s Supply. They show well the decorative pattern you get with the different type of bits. I started ordering from them before the internet was the place to order! I am not affiliated with Woodworker’s Supply and they only would know me from having ordered from them.
How to use a router
Here’s the two buttons to push to start it up.
How to use a router
Here’s the lock and unlock used to hold the spindle steady while I figure out righty tighty, lefty loosey!
How to use a router
Here’s the contraption I set up to keep the sawdust out of my camera while videoing {wow, that’s a word!} the router cut.
How to use a router
Keep an eye out for that board in the video, It will show up in a completed project!
Now here’s my disclaimer.
Disclaimer: I’m not a pro woodworker or carpenter. I did make and remake furniture for wholesale on the Central Coast of California for five years. The info I’m providing you is from my personal experience, plus tips from my Dad and online resources. If you can add or suggest additional related info, I welcome your input and suggestions in the comments. Thank you ~ Jeanette
Look forward to your comments.

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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