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I have the amazing opportunity to share organizing around our home with a fabulous group of ten other bloggers during a get organized blog tour. For me to even think about organizing I need to find my tools!

So the tool box would need to be first.  Get Organized Tool Box

Then I’ll be able to find the hammer as I’m hanging shelves to organize another area.

Get organized tool box-2

Oh, and there is a free download printable with a list of tools I like to keep inside the house below. Here’s my tool box, with the black top tray removed.  This is the inside tool box and the only place I plan on keeping tools in the house.

I’m not a fan of plastic, but metal tool boxes are too heavy when filled.  Almost too heavy when empty!

I would love to use some vintage wood tool box but again too heavy and hard to organize.

I’m using this black tool box with wheels.  The bottom holds a drill, an extension cord and hand clamps.  So, this post is about the tools for the top.

Get organized tool box-5
Get organized tool box-3

Why are tool boxes or bags so dark inside?  My hammer disappears into the black hole, so…. to help I used some rubber shelf liner to not only keep the tools in place but gives a lighter background to find things. In the tray, I cut out a square for the handle.  I used a spray mount glue to hold the shelf liner in place and form into the tray.  A light coating will hold it, but I’ll be able to remove it next year, when I’m organizing my tools again.

Just being realistic. 🙂

Get organized tool box-4
Get organized tool box

I painted a plus and minus on the end of the screwdrivers to easily tell the flathead from the fluted “Phillips” head. Here’s the top tray filled.

Someday I hope to update to this toolbox. Same type just better.

Some of my own musings on tools and toolboxes.

  • Toolboxes should be light in weight so you can pick them up.
  • They should be light inside so you can see the hammer.
  • I tried once to draw the shape of the tool on light shelf paper, you know like on pegboards, but for me, this doesn’t work inside a toolbox.  Tools need to be laid too close together and the drawing is a mess!
  • I can’t use those toolboxes with the compartments on top for nails and screws.  I forget to completely close the compartment and end up with a floor full of nails and screws.

Now for your free printable download list of tools for my inside tool box.

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  1. I love your tool box! Where did you get it? It’s great that it is on wheels. So smart! I also think it is pretty genius to put the lighter backing on it to help grip and see the tools. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  2. First of all, I love that amazing tool box on wheels! I haven’t seen one of those. I love your tips….the shelf paper is a great idea so you aren’t looking into a black hole! Great organizing!!! ~Christy

  3. I need a big tool box like this one! I bought a smaller one last year and I never even put my tools in it.. boo. This is another organizing project going on my to-do list! Thanks Jeanette!

  4. Fantastic idea about the toolbox with wheels! And you are so right to start with the tools, our essentials for organizing other parts in the home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You smart girl, you have your own tool box! I like how you put the shelf liner in the box to keep small things from sliding around. Another item on my organization “to-do” list is to get our tools better organized. Organizing our workroom is a project that could last for weeks!

    1. Paula, I have had a tool box of some sort from the age of six! Feels good to have tools organized. Sorta like I can take on any project…and get into a mess! ~Jeanette

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