How to Farmhouse Style Tassels in 30 minutes

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Farmhouse style tassels are much easier to make than elaborate Victorian tassels.  The farmhouse tassels may not be as soft, but I made two in 30 minutes.  If your plans don’t include adding tassels to your pillow, then you’ll love these.

Chenille tassel

The idea of these tassels started because our puppy tangled my chenille yarn.  I left the door open on the craft cabinet.  The little strand of yarn hanging out of the bin caught Otis’s eye.  While I worked on a project, Otis worked on making a huge ball of yarn.  A huge knotted ball of yarn.

Otis’s creation almost made the trash, but I realized the yarn could work for a tassel.  I could cut it into small pieces if I needed. 

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Here’s how I made the farmhouse style tassels I envisioned.

The Supplies

Air Dry Clay
Cookie Cutters
Wax Paper
Chenille Yarn
Wood Beads in two sizes  12mm & 16mm
Dental Floss
Several Small Buttons
Extra Long Needles
2 Wood Skewers


Make the tops 24-hours before starting the tassels.

air dry paper clay

I rolled out the clay to about 3/4 inch thick. 

clay drying

Next, I use wood skewers to make holes through the clay from the top to the bottom.  You can use the extra long needle too.  Leave the skewers in the clay overnight.  After a few hours rotate the skewers so they do not get stuck in the clay.  

Making the handles or hanging loops

Beaded handle on tassel

For the heart shape tassel, I used the smaller beaded for the handle or loop.  Thread floss on a large needle and add beads.  Then rethread the floss…

Adding handle on tassel

Then insert through the hole made while drying. 

untangled chenille

If your puppy tangled your chenille yarn, untangle it.  Then wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard.  My cardboard is 9 inches wide.   I used floss to gather the yarn on one side.  The other side, I cut the loops.  

I tie knots while saying, “left over right, right over left.”  This makes a non-slip knot. 

no 2 headed tassel

At first, I wanted to tie a small piece of yarn around the top of the yarn to make a ball.  But I didn’t like the look.  So I tied the floss from the yarn to the floss hanging outta the heart.  A quick haircut along the bottom finished this tassel.

The round tassel

Beaded tassel strands

The round clay or biscuit tassel has the same loop only using the larger beads.  Then I made a strand of smaller beads using small buttons on each end to hold the beads in place.  

Adding beaded tassels to button

Next, I made five more strands of beads.  I tied one end of each strand to one top button.  Then tied the top button to the floss from the clay biscuit. 

Farmhouse tassels

I can’t decide which tassel I like the best. 

Farmhouse Tassels SQ

I don’t suggest hanging these from your sofa pillow!

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  1. If I had clay, I’d make these tonight!!! Ordering clay 😊 thanks to Amazon!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable!! I will definitely me making these. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. You’!e very welcome. My cousin suggested making a bit smaller ones for fan pulls. I may make more for out bathroom curtains.

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