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There are times when walking the aisles of our dollar store and I’m amazed by the products. You too! So here’s a test. Walk the aisles and grab a few items. Then create a few Dollar Tree crafts.

Dollar Tree crafts top

This month I created a farmhouse pincushion jar in under 30 minutes.

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Dollar Tree crafts supplies HT

The supplies I used from the Dollar Tree store.

A bath mat
One mason jar
Bag of cotton balls
Package of ponytail holders

Tools to have on hand

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Collection of buttons, pins, and needles
Finger protectors {no burnt fingers with these}



Dollar Tree Crafts circle

Decide if you want to use the front or back of the bath mat. I’m using the back side.

Lay the seal on the mat and draw a circle 1/2 inch larger. Cut out the circle.

Dollar Tree Crafts circle smaller

Now, pull apart about ten cotton balls. Pulling the balls makes the pins go into the pincushion easier.

Dollar Tree hot glue

Start gluing a glue dot at a time.  Notice I aligned the bath mat and seal together to start.

Dollar Tree glue in spots

When glued in four or five spots around the edge.

Dollar Tree leave opening

Next, gather mat and glue all around the seal except for one area.  Stuff cotton balls in this area.  Then seal with more hot glue.

Dollar Tree Crafts trim

The next step is important.  Trim around the edges cutting away all extra bath mat.  I even turned the seal over the trimmed around the edges.  Otherwise, your seal may not fit well in the ring.  

Dollar Tree Crafts pony holders

Then, I used dots of hot glue to hold three ponytail holders in place around the ring.  I did this for looks but as I’ve used the jar, they help open and close the lid too!  

Dollar Tree crafts pin cushion stuffed

Now add the “pincushion” seal to the ring. 

Dollar Tree crafts filled

Add your button collection to the jar add the pincushion top.  Notice I cut out a flower from the bath mat to decorate the pincushion. 

I never thought I would “decorate” a pincushion!

If you would like to share your Dollar store crafts click the “Share your Project” above.  You can send me your photos too!  

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