If you hot glue dollar store snowflakes, do they melt?


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Dollar stores have the coolest stuff.  I found cool dollar store snowflakes and wondered, “if I hot glued them would they melt?”

Dollar store snowflake banner

Do you have snow?

It started snowing here on new years eve.  Yep, here in the mountains of Arizona!

The snow mounted up to a foot at our cabin.

A peaceful walk through the snow, a little snowman in the woods, and gallons of hot chocolate…


and now it’s gone! 🙁

So it’s time for dollar store snowflakes!

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I bought a bag of dollar store snowflakes and hot glued them on our glass front door!

Yep, I took out the hot glue gun and stuck them to the glass of our beautiful wood front door. 


Fortunately, the hot glue pops right off the glass when you’re ready for spring. 



This time I hot glued the snowflakes to the marble countertops!

Actually, I was working on hot gluing them together.

Yep, “I was hot gluing snowflakes!”

I’m glad hot glue pops off marble countertops too…


Note, hot gluing plastic can cause the plastic to melt.  Kind of like our snowmelt. So a little dab will hold your snowflakes without melting.


I used a hot glue gun with dual settings set on low.  I did get the snowflakes glued in a pretty pattern and hung them over the front door.


The hot glue is cleaned from the countertops…

but the glitter will last until July!

I think there’s glitter in my hot chocolate!

If your dollar store doesn’t have plastic snowflakes, I found these on Amazon.  Although, more than a $1 I bet the banner would be stunning!

If I’m not careful, Mike is gonna take away my hot glue gun!!!

A snowman is the perfect man. He’s well rounded and comes with his own broom.


More ideas to use plastic snowflakes

  • Form the flakes into a circle for a snowflake wreath
  • Tie fishing line to snowflakes and hang over a table or buffet. A creative idea for a winter wonderland baby shower or winter new year’s display.
  • Hang the banner of snowflakes over the fireplace.
  • Glue two lines of flakes to hold a winter sign.
  • Glue in a square or rectangle for a frame. Add your favorite winter photo.
  • Or like above in our new home, hot glue them to your window.

Check out this other idea to hot glue to your window in the fall.

Falling Snowflakes

What is the strangest thing you have hot glued?  Let me know in the comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram. 

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    1. You asked us to post the strangest thing we have ever hot-glued… well, I was making Christmas ornaments, with fake nails on, many years ago. I didn’t realize that my nails were fusing to my ornaments along with the glue, and had fingernail-embellished ornaments! Luckily, I added more hot glue and pulled them off of the ornaments, and the day was saved! My manicure, however, did not make it.
      I loved your post, and I must have at least 100 of those dollar store snowflakes in my Christmas stash. I was always trying to figure out something cool to do with them, and I found the answer in your blog! Thank you so much for posting it. I will give it a try!

  1. I loved your idea, I made a table runner with the same snowflakes and spray painted them rose gold which is the color I’m currently obsessed with.
    I will definitely do your project for next Christmas.

    1. I love rise gold also, and I’m trying a pink with gold and rose gold themed tree to match my parent’s carpeting (I know, I know), because we are selling the house, and maybe; just maybe, the pink theme will hit a soft spot for a buyer and they will put in an offer!

  2. i love anything “snowflake” and I like what you did with these inexpensive snowflakes. I saw a really cool wreath made from these same snowflakes on Pinterest that I might try 🙂

  3. Our Dollar Tree store had them a few years ago and they have since become permanent sparkle on our Christmas tree each year. They had bigger ones that I bought and sticky tac to the walls. I, however, always take them down after Christmas. Maybe I should keep them all year because you know, a girl can never have too much sparkle. 🙂

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