Idea for dollar store snowflakes


Decorating a glass front door can be tough.  I found an idea for dollar store snowflakes the transform our glass front door for the holiday and all winter long.

Idea for dollar store snowflakes

Here’s an idea for dollar store snowflakes.

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So the next time you’re in a dollar store grab a bag of plastic snowflakes.  You will also need a hot glue gun, and a clean glass door or window.

Why does it need to be clean?  Well, I’ve glued leaves and other things to our front door over the years.  Once I didn’t clean the glass first.  It happened to be snowflakes.  They kept falling off the door.  We had snowflakes on our doormat you could trip over!!!

This is what I use to clean the glass inside and out in under one minute.   I can also clean our extra large bathroom mirror in under a minute too.

Anywho…back to those snowflakes.

Simply hot glue the plastic snowflakes directly to the glass.  What’s so wonderful is it looks just as fun from the inside of the house.

You could do this on a sliding door, just glue half inside and the other half outside so the door operates without knocking snowflakes everywhere!

Cause you can trip over these snowflakes!


picketfenceforchristmastree6Photo from last Christmas

Not to worry, when you want your snow to melt and go away simply pull off the snowflakes and pick the hot glue off with an old plastic credit card.

Warning, this will not remove the snow in your yard!


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